Apple is apparently trying to bring music-recognition to iOS 8, according to a new report from Bloomberg. iOS 8 is expected to be announced at WWDC 2014, starting June 2nd. Although late to the scene, it is expected to be a useful addition what with Apple buckling up for a feature-rich iTunes Radio.

The report says that Apple is working with Shazam to bring the technology to its iOS ecosystem. Exactly how the feature will be integrated with iOS 8 is unknown but the speculations are interesting.

iOS 8 Could Feature Shazam-like Song-ID Music-Identification

Shazam’s app/service, which reportedly has over 90 million users, helps users find meta data about any song or tune they hear. You just have to record a small section/part of the music and let Shazam search through its huge database. Shazam identifies and returns with all the information on the song (album, artists, year etc.).

This particular feature is almost a decade old now. Yet, it’s a feature that has not been integrated with any of iOS versions. Shazam does have an iOS app. However, a deeper integration would be an interesting feature to look forward to, most notably for the way it gets implemented.

One speculation says that you could ask Siri “what song is it?” and let it listen to a few seconds out of a tune. Siri would then use the music-identification feature to get you all the details about the song. Another form of integration could be the share-sheet (or the options menu) where a music/audio file that you get through MMS, Email, Facebook or Whatsapp can be used for music-recognition. Note that it’s all just speculation at this stage.

Would this feature affect or influence the way we use iTunes Radio? I don’t think music-identification will have a direct bearing on iTunes Radio. However, once recognized, the user might get an option to find and play the identified music through iTunes Radio, with further options for downloading/purchasing the music.

iTunes Radio has been a successful offering and has turned out to be a formidable competitor to Spotify and Pandora. Despite a decline in music purchases, people still prefer and like live-streaming. It would be interesting to see how users perceive and think of a music-identification feature in iOS 8. I’m sure the haters and the critics would call attention to the age of the feature.

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