Apple Likely to Launch AirPods 2 in First Half of 2019: DigiTimes

Rumors about Apple products have always been a fresh fodder for many media. The latest is AirPods 2. According to DigiTimes, Apple is likely to launch AirPods 2 sometime in the first half of this year. However, 9to5Mac refutes the rumor.

Ever since Apple has taken the plunge into accessory manufacturing, customers expect the second version of the same product. AirPods, for example, was an instant hit when Apple launched it in 2017. And now, people are expecting more powerful AirPods. However, rumor mongers keep their fingers on the pulse of Apple products as they have started to spread the news to this effect. According to DigiTimes, Apple is likely to come up with AirPods 2 in the first half of 2019.

Besides the second edition of AirPods, rumor says AirPods 2 may support health monitoring features. 9to5Mac finds an opportunity to take DigiTimes to the task, though gently.

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Redesigned Apple AirPods 2 May Support Health Monitoring Features

According to 9to5Mac, DigiTimes has failed to maintain accuracy in its rumors, especially of Apple products. Earlier, many analysts have talked about the idea of adding health features to AirPods. DigiTimes, for the first time, floats supply chain rumor about AirPods 2.

The size of AirPods restricts the scope of any health monitoring features. If Apple wanted to insert a tiny accelerometer, which can determine body movement, the company had already packed this feature in Apple Watch.

Apart from small internal batteries in the buds, it is not a good idea to accommodate an optical heart rate monitor.

When Bloomberg reported about pricier AirPods that might be available in 2019, the media never discussed health features in detail. However, Bloomberg made a subtle mention of Apple’s experiment with biometric sensors in AirPods.

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It is possible that DigiTimes is talking about this ‘pro’ version of AirPods in its report. Bloomberg’s report on the second edition of AirPods mentioned about more expensive option than the current $150 pods.

While AirPods 2 is rumored to be launched this year, Apple itself has been generating interest for AirPods wireless charging case since September 2017. However, there is no news about the shipping of that accessory.

Many trade analysts believe that Apple is perhaps planning to release charging case along with AirPower.

Signing off…

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After checking the historical data of DigiTimes’ accuracy of rumors, people may not accept the credibility of the news. Apple would like to release its AirPods charging case along with AirPower as there is a stronger chance that users may greet both products with open arms.

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