TechCrunch reports that Apple acquired microLED tech company, LuxVue, recently. The company is involved in manufacturing low-power LEDs which consume lesser battery power.

It might be possible that the company was acquired much before (and the news only arrived much later) and it might also be possible that the two companies had been working together for quite sometime.

Possible Hints for iWatch-iPhone 6

As to why this is an important news to note, the acquisition hints at two things. Two important things.

  1. Apple could be working to reduce the power consumption on its displays. Why? First off, the screens could be bigger iPhone 6. Secondly, Apple is aware of the increasing battery issues that are only going to compound if it doesn’t do something radical with the battery or the power consumption. MicroLEDs the kind LuxVue is working on provide a way to do this.
  2. Apple might be implementing this low-power LED tech to a device that needs to run on low power. For instance, a wearable. (iWatch)

Acquisitions can mean that the companies had been working with each other for a long time. This could mean that Apple has already used the tech from LuxVue in iPhone 6 or the iWatch.

If it’s the former, it could mean a better battery time for the iPhone. The iPhone 6, as we know it, is rumored to come with a larger screen size. A larger screen size / display means we’re talking about more power consumption.

On the iWatch side of things, a wearable is driven by less power resources. That is why the recent rumors about SiPs in Apple’s wearable gadget hold some water. The LED eats up a large chunk of the power in a wearable like the iWatch. And if Apple has to reduce this, it has to use technology like the one produced by LuxVue.

Acquiring LuxVue will also let Apple (typically) access or control over the various patents the company has. So all said and done, let’s hope that this truly means that your next iPhone is going to be good at battery-management or the iWatch is definitely coming.

As to the release dates of iWatch and iPhone 6, we have now confirmation that iWatch would certainly not be a part of WWDC announcements. iPhone 6 obviously is a September/October affair (if Apple follows the set pattern).