Apple Acquires; A Shot in the Arm for Tech Giant’s Project Titan

Apple's ambitious project Titan has seen a new turn as the company has acquired, an autonomous driving start-up. Apple has also purchased's fleet of autonomous cars and other assets.

Apple has long been in conversation with the promoters of, a self-driving shuttle firm, to acquire the company in a bid to fulfill its project Titan.

Now the deal is sealed as the Cupertino-based tech giant has acquired on, the iPhone-maker confirmed to Axios on Tuesday.

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Apple Also Purchases’s Fleet of Autonomous Cars and Other Assets

In a “small deal, which brings more engineers Apple Acquires; A Shot in the Arm for Tech Giant’s Project Titanwith experience in autonomous vehicle technology to the iPhone maker,” this acquisition will boost Apple’s efforts to manufacture a self-driving vehicle.

Notably, the idea of manufacturing autonomous vehicles has lured many technocrats across the globe. boasts a small fleet of test shuttles in Texas.

Apple may have to lose some of’s brains as the start-up plans to lay off 90 people in permanent closure.

Like other acquisitions take place in Silicon Valley, this move of Apple is dubbed as “acqui-hire,” wherein bigger corporations are looking for best brains in the industry.

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Apple has always appreciated the best brains in technology that can bring innovative ideas. The real motive behind acquiring is not to kill competition but to hire engineers working there.

This acquisition will help Apple compete against its arch-rival Alphabet Inc., which is working on Wymo – a self-driving car.

Apple has already strengthened its efforts to bolster its Titan project; to this effect, the company hired Tesla Inc’s engineering head Doug Field to supervise the operation; there are nearly 5000 workers.

The iPhone-maker is also in talks with suppliers, who can provide critical components as sensors.

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Jignesh Padhiyar
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