According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is going to roll out new MacBooks with e-ink dynamic keyboards in 2018. The keyboard will also contextually display emojis and special characters.

Last week, it had come to light that Sonder Design was in negotiation with Apple in order to license its innovative keyboard technology. Today’s report from WSJ further confirms that Apple is indeed set to include the futuristic keyboard in its 2018 MacBook.

Sonder E-Ink Keyboard

Apple is to Roll Out 2018 MacBook with E-Ink Dynamic Keyboards

“The Guardian’s article “Apple in talks to acquire Australian startup Sonder” contains a number of factual errors. Sonder founder Francisco Serra-Martins did not meet Tim Cook on Wednesday 12th October 2016, although we would very like the opportunity to in the future. 

The team at Sonder is pleased with the incredible response from the industry as we continue to present our story. We are not able to comment further on information on any single company or customer. Sonder’s E Ink keyboard provides infinite possibilities right at your fingertips and releases later this year.” The Wall Street Journal.

As per the report, the keys will automatically adjust to display emojis, standard QWERTY layout, special command functions as well as international characters.

WSJ reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook had discussed its plan with Foxconn (Apple manufacturer) and Sonder during a meeting in China on October 11. The futuristic keyboard will completely transform the bottom half of the MacBook; making it look really dynamic. Instead of the printed labels, the key will flaunt an E-Ink surface.

As exciting as it sounds, the key will even be able to switch between different languages. It will also add the dynamic shortcuts for the current task.

The 2018 MacBook with e-ink dynamic keyboards still has a long time to arrive. Meanwhile, Apple is expected to introduce a new MacBook Pro with OLED function key row at an event on October 27.


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