2015 has been a great year for Apple. From the launch of iPhone 6s to Apple Pay to Apple Watch, there have an array of breathtaking developments in the Apple lineup. But, 2016 can really be bigger if at least majority of predictions come true. From 12 inch MacBook to 12 inch iPad Pro to Apple Pay and Apple Music to second generation Apple Watch, Apple lovers and enthusiasts would have lot to talk of in the coming year.

Apple Rumours and Predictions for 2016

iPhone 7

The expectations are set on iPhone 7 which is likely to be released in the third quarter of 2016. iPhone 7 is going to be the most advanced model in the lineup so far with an array of sophisticated features and elements that would leave behind all previous models miles behind. Let us have quick look at the expected features, specs and useful elements.

  • The long standing home button prevailing through every successive iPhone is likely to be removed in this model with a screen area to serve as home button. This would also result in increased screen size.
  • Experts are also predicting the device will have active waterproof technology.
  • Wireless charging, more powerful chipset and RAM and extra thin design are expected.

Apple Watch 2

As per most expectations and rumors, Apple is likely to come up with the second generation Apple Watch in 2016 first quarter itself. After the sensational launch and huge success of Apple Watch in this year April, the scheduled launch of Apple Watch 2 will be great event for the lineup. Here are some quick takeaways.

  • The second-generation Apple Watch will look absolutely same as the current one but will have some enhancements.
  • A larger internal battery is likely to give it better running time.
  • Enhanced outdoor visibility is the second expected enhancements for this upcoming Apple wearable.

Apple TV

Apple TV after going through an extensive revamp is likely to be launched with an array of value additions in Apple’s March 2016 event. How far Apple worked to make it bigger and better? Let us find some widely predicted aspects.

  • Apple TV box is going to have the existing browser based service and in doing so it will join hands with Sky, another major service provider.
  • Apps developed for this new Apple platform can facilitate more interactive and engaging interactions.

Apple Mac Upgrades

Apple has a number of upgrades of its Mac products in 2016, most notably Mac processor update, Macbook Air update, 12 inch MacBook update and MacBook Pro update.

  • The Mac Pro deserved a refresh for quite some time and in 2016 this is going to happen.
    According to some rumors, both 13 and 15 inch MacBook Air models are being developed by the company.
  • For both new upgrades will offer a thinner and lighter built with an overall enhancements in specs.
  • The incredibly thinner and lightweight 12 inch MacBook is going to be launched in 2016 March.

Apple Pay

In 2015 only Apple Pay has garnered huge interest with increasing adoption across financial institutions and businesses but still only a handful of iPhone owners are actually using the service, as recent studies indicate. In 2016 Apple is going to change this scenario making it usable by larger population by introducing person-to-person mobile payments.

  • Apple Pay will extend to more business institutions and banks with more security enhancements.
  • It can expand also by introducing Apple Pay through its Safari mobile browser.

iPhone as a Subscription

Every year a high end expensive iPhone get slightly outdated as new iPhone variant is launched by the company. The users of iPhone 4, 4S or 5S until now had no option but to bargain a good sales price for the older one while vying for the new. In 2016 all iPhone users can get a huge support as Apple is going to launch upgrade program. With this program in place customers now by paying the same price for the iPhone can switch to the new version over a span of two years. The program already garnered huge positive response from all iPhone users.

Apple Music

Apple Music likely to be launched in 2016 can help keeping the iPod on the shelves. Apple in the coming year is also going to revamp the iPod after a gap of three years and the launch of Apple Music along with it will be a big event for the iPod fans. Apple Music is expected to deliver more robust streaming abilities.

Apple OS X

A new OS is already expected and the new version named as OS X is likely to be launched in next year WWDC. It is not just another annual OS refresh as the launch can be crucial this time for Apple’s new performance standard. By many identified itself as Fuji, this new upgrade of OS can prove to be a technical advancement for Apple developers. The name “Fuji” is quite interesting as it not only signifies a volcano but also refers to a cultivated apple variety.

Apple Car

Apple Car, the dream automated car project from Apple is obviously not going to launch in 2016 but obviously the project will see several advancements this year. Apple is going to hire some 1000 developers in this project in 2016 only and is likely to open various front-end companies eyeing for the big launch in 2017.

Let's Wrap Up

Considering all the above mentioned, 2016 is certainly going to be a leap forward year for this maverick tech company with a bigger promise and greater reality of stepping on the notes of success. If pushing the boundary for new technologies and user experience is the single most important inspiration for Apple, 2016 is certainly going to be a star studded year in their annals.