One of the areas where iOS 7 lacks severely is in providing info about apps that are being download. Download progress is indicated by a circle being filled but that's about all you have.

AppETA is a new Cydia tweak that changes things completely. It not only provides completely information about download progress of apps that you are downloading, but lets you customize the interface. AppETA will also let you dismiss ongoing/pending downloads.

AppETA Cydia Tweak

When you download apps on the iPad/iPhone, there are a few things that we usually like to know. This includes: download progress (in % or in MBs) and time left for the completion of the download. These are available, typically, on desktops/laptops. And of course, on Android smartphones.

Even more importantly, I want to be able to cancel a download.

I don't know why Apple feels that this is not necessary for the user but it works against them many times. Large apps take some time to download and I'd definitely like to know how much time it would take for the download to complete. And it would be nice to see the size too.

But most importantly, it would be great if I could dismiss/cancel the download right in the middle of the download process.

This is what AppETA, the Cydia tweak, brings to the table. AppETA has three core components that's useful:

  • It shows you the download progress: size downloaded / total size, time left for the download, the network speed at which the app is being downloaded
  • It lets you dismiss a download should you choose to cancel it for some reason
  • And it lets you customize the look of the download animation.

The third one is really an add-on feature. Remember the slider animation from iOS 6? AppETA brings back this slider but you can pick the color that fills the animation. For the information overlay, you can pick black/white backgrounds too.

When an app download is in progress, you double tap on the app. This opens a screen like shown below:AppETA Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPadOf course, you have to enable this feature by switching ON the toggle for Double Tap gesture (which is available from the tweak's preferences in Settings → AppETA).

By tapping on the Cancel link, you can cancel a download. You can also open the App Store page of the particular app directly.

AppETA is a useful tweak if you run a lot of downloads. It's for those who like to keep track of the download progress. Beyond that facade, it's not very useful but within its domain, the developer has done a pretty good job with the interface and the usability.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss