Update: Appdora has been closed. Here is more on that. http://www.mostunique.net/appdora

To those of you who have been waiting for a replacement for AppTrackr, after Installous went offline once and for all, there’s the new service called AppDora which aims to replace AppTrackr by being as much resourceful as the latter.

For users who look for cracked apps to try before purchasing the apps from App Store (or even Mac Store), AppDora should be very similar. It’s pretty much the same thing as AppTrackr, only in a different clothing (interface).


App crackers are quite popular in the jailbreak scene because a lot of users shun spending money on apps that they want to try out first. App piracy is rampant, of course, but there are also those users who’ll willingly pay if only they could try out an app before diving right into it by purchasing it. That’s where services like AppDora are actually ethically useful. Other than that, these are comparable only to piracy websites which should be shut down.

Those of who know @most_Unique would probably be aware of his association with AppDora. In fact, the whole thing is the brainchild of these guys.

While the service is as much similar to Apptrackr, it has a few specific features of its own. The interface, to begin with, is a little different and a lot more distraction-free for those who are using it. You can search for apps pretty fast and easy and you can also look for developers. There’s a dedicated forum too.

Appdora seems to have become an overnight success but the devs have spent a lot of time building the thing up. Up on their to-do list is bringing an iOS app and a Mac app for users to directly access and install cracked apps – very much like how you used to do with Installous.

Check out the website here: http://appdora.org

Disclaimer: iGeeksblog does not recommend or support app piracy or any website that promotes cracked apps. The information provided is solely as a news digest since we cover the latest happenings in iDevice jailbreaks. We do not support piracy of any kind.

  • Appdora.org is a scam site. Installs Java trojans when you use search tool.

  • Shrijit Singh

    I think App Addict is better as it has a lot more features and apps then App Fora

  • The Pirate Bay