App Updates not Showing in iPhone and iPad: Here’s What to Do

Updating your apps is essential to enjoy the new features and offers. This can be done easily through the updates shown in the App Store. But sometimes, updates don’t show up in the App store.

Sometimes this can be rectified by trying some easy options: closing the App store and opening it again, this does not work all the time though. If nothing works for you, follow these steps to update your apps.

App Updates not Showing in iPhone and iPad

App Updates not Showing in iPhone and iPad

Option 1: Re-install the apps

  • Open app store
  • Search for the apps you need to update
  • Check for their new version
  • Return to your home screen and delete the apps
  • Go back to app store and download the latest version

Option 2: Update individual apps

  • Go to your app store and search for the apps that need update
  • Tap to open the app.
  • It will show the “Update” option.
  • Tap it and update your app

These two options are highly recommended and effective. You can try alternative methods such as restarting your iPhone/iPad or forcing shutdown to iTunes and starting it again.

If the problem with the updates persists, you can check in your settings. There is a possibility that you have erroneously disabled updates on your iDevice. You simply need to enable it again and then the problem should be at bay (check Restrictions).