Update: Apple Resolves The iTunes Store And App Store Outage

Based on Apple’s System Status Page, Apple has resolved the iTunes Store and App Store outage. According to the company, the outage was caused due to an internal DNS error at Apple. Because of The DNS error, Apple service was globally affected. Whenever users tried to update any app or make the purchase, they received “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” message.

Many a time, users received a blank page owing to the sudden breakdown of Apple service. Apple officially confirmed the issue and apologized to customers for the inconvenience. “We apologize to our customers experiencing problems with iTunes and other services this morning. The cause was an internal DNS error at Apple. We are working to make all of the services available to customers as soon as possible, and we thank everyone for their patience.” Apple said to CNBC.

App Store, iTunes Store Are Down, iPhone Can Not Connect to iTunes StoreAll of a sudden, App Store, iTunes Store seem to have suffered some unknown issues. Don’t get surprised if you get a blank page or you are unable to update any app or make any purchase on App Store as it seems to be a technical glitch from Apple side. If you get “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store”, you are not alone, iTunes and the App Store have been down all day across the globe.

iTunes Store, App Store, iBook Store are down due to some issues as users aren’t able to connect to iTunes or App Store while purchasing or updating any app.

There is no word on this issue as yet from Apple. “Can’t connect to iTunes Store” is exactly what users are faced with currently. Apple Server might be the reason of this unexpected roadblock.

The sudden outage, which has affected Apple Service, is annoying, to say the least. The front, as well as featured pages, doesn’t seem to have any problem as they load fairly well more often than not. But, users aren’t able to either make a purchase or carry out any other activities. Whereas many users receive the message can’t connect to iTunes, some others get nothing but a completely blank page.

Hopefully, Apple will soon sort out this issue. Bookmark this page to remain updated, if Apple resolves this issue. We will keep you updated with the latest updates.

Have you also experienced this bug? Do share your experience in comments.

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  • Ayan

    Mine is working already. Im already logged in to itunes and app store and able to download. Im from philippines

    • Kaia

      It was fixed a few days ago :) The server was down for just a few hours x

  • akarr

    I deleted my pictures all. i tho that could solve the problem :'(. i hate apple. i haaateeee yoooouuuu !!!!

  • akarr

    im signed in. ,, but when ever i try to buy anything. it says. can not connect to itunes .. -__-

  • Olivia

    Works now in finland! :)

  • TheSmoothies

    Hey, I got back in and could download things. Maybe the servers are back up? Let me know if I’m not the only one!

  • Mariela Ponce

    Houston, TX.- Been checking in, still nothing :( Two of my apps are still in “updating” mode -_-

  • TheSmoothies

    I thought I was having a system glitch after the software update, then heard that other people were down too.

  • Kyle

    The iTunes store seems to be back up for me. Just downloaded a game with no issues.

  • Ana Marija Beba

    Happening in Serbia too… I signed out and now can’t sign back in and I tried everything to fix it… Like Dashawne, I even start deleting things… :(

    • Dashawne M Pope

      It’s crazy. Apple will lose customers like Sony did when they got hacked. It’s sad but true. Hopefully they’ll get it back running soon.

  • elizabethannnnn

    I seriously just got my iphone 6 today and can’t download anything, sucks! I’m so bored at work now. :(

  • clawdeen

    Brooklyn NY i thought it was because i changed my password so i changed password twice then called apple came across this article an d was told by the rep that the seytems might be down for a few more hours -____-

  • Rachel

    Not been able to download all day, still having problems. Will be going back to android at my next upgrade! I’m in U.K

  • GNNN

    I hope it will be back as soon as possible, I didn’t know about the problem and resetted my iPhone to the factory settings and now I can’t download anything, damn. APPLE, SOLVE THE PROBLEM FASTER!

  • Laura

    This is the final straw for me! I’m going to my phone service provider today and switching from apple to a different phone company. This is ridiculous!!! Clearly Apple puts profits before people. Shame on your sham of a company!

  • Dashawne M Pope

    Apple WILL lose customers like Sony if they don’t fix this right away!!!

  • Dashawne M Pope

    Ugh I’m so mad that I can’t do anything :((( my iPad won’t even download an app that I desperately NEED!!! It acts like it wants to download then it just stops. I thought I had too much stuff on my iPad so I start deleting things. But nope that’s not the case. Then I shut down my iPad, that doesn’t work either. So I try signing out and tried logging back in. Now I can’t even log in!!! Gesh… Dude ugh!!! Why must this happen to me!!!!

  • Lisha

    This is annoying. Mine isn’t working either. At first I thought it was my iPhone 6 that had the problem and I even resetted it .???????????? (From Toronto)

  • Dan

    The Netherlands as well

  • Yomna

    Down in kuwait!!! Seriously I wanna update a gamee!!

  • Guest

    CT USA too

  • Thersa

    Down on iPhone 4. Does anyone know when they will get it fixed? It’s making me mad, I really need to download an app from the App Store but I keep getting that error saying unable to connect to iTunes , try again . Tried everyrhing and still no luck.

  • Mason


  • Victoria Dipp

    Down in Brazil too…and my iPhone is the 4, so there’s no updates anymore, it just, crashed.

  • Janina

    I can’t even log back in anymore! I’m so annoyed right now .__.”
    (I’m from Finland and have a 5S)

  • Megan

    Still down in England 5 hours later on a new iPad mini : (

  • Jose

    People it’s a global situation if you didn’t READ here we know it’s down AROUND THE WORD..DUHHHHHH

  • Mary

    Happening in Ireland too. I signed out and now can’t sign back in

  • i honestly thought something was wrong with my phone and like wiped it clean lost all my pictures and contact only to find out its not my phone im so mad apple isnt advising people

    • Dashawne M Pope

      Dude that sucks.

  • anon8357

    down in singapore

  • Olivia

    Down in finland too! My boyfriend just bought 4s today and we already tought that it was the phone! Phew..

    • Jess C.


  • Jess C.

    Omggggg this is so annoying.. I use this ipad for my school work, so i really need this update to be sorted out quickly

  • Shannon Lineberry

    Just downloaded the new software update on my iphone and ipad. Now I cant open any apps on my phone but my ipad works fine. WTH!!

    • Jess C.

      I have an ipad and it dont work for me

  • Anthony

    I’m in Connecticut on my iPhone 6 and I can’t connect either :(

    • Sarah

      I’m in Ohio and it’s not connecting on my iPhone or iPad

    • Traci Carello

      Same here. In CT. Good thing I found this page bacause I had already wasted an hour trying to figure out what I had done to my phone. Kinda relieved that it’s not my fault.

  • KPPhillips

    Good to know! Been messing with my username, password, trying to reset, etc. for hours now. Waste of time, turns out. Ugh. In regards to folks saying it has something to do with 8.2, mine was acting up before I updated this afternoon. So, I think it may be unrelated.

  • Sara

    Here in Wisconsin, hating not being able to get any of my apps. I just got my iPhone and it’s my first apple product, starting to regret it!u

  • Paula

    same in Manila!!! frustrating

  • geezerdk

    I’m in Denmark, it’s been down for 9 hours now. The store opens, I can browse the apps, but I can’t install or buy apps. Annoying to say the least, maybe I’ll walk the dog instead…

  • Sam

    Seem over hear in the Kuwait. I have signed out and no longer able to sign in back :(

  • Ruthie

    This is so annoying. its down in the UK too.

  • Kate

    Down in Michigan too! This is so irritating! We should all get $5 or something free for having to deal with this…. An email from apple would’ve been nice…. -Katelyn

    • Olivia

      I agree with you totally!

  • Emilie

    Yes it’s down in Denmark too. Hope they will fix it soon D:

  • Chris Tuzi

    Down here as well in Belleville Ontario :(

  • Kicks

    When will it be fixed

  • Eben

    I’m in Massachusetts signed out can’t sign in now. Been like this all.

  • Jack

    I think it has something to do with 8.2

  • Melissa

    Receiving cannot connect to iTunes store in Texas

  • Mike

    Same here in Austria. Server down since afternoon over here.. :-(

  • Marcy

    why is there no DATE or time on this article?

  • LKN

    So this is international! I hope they’ll fix this issue soon, because it’s a bit annoying!

    • Jess C.

      More than a bit!!!!!!!!!

  • Yazeed

    Good to know that I’m not the only one, it’s down in Saudi Arabia as well

  • betaray90

    Thought I’m the only one

  • Inss08

    Sign out and I can’t sign back in ! So, yes… Down in France too

  • Jer

    And in England. Going on holiday soon…want to download something to watch on plane!!!

  • Shaik

    I’m from India and even I’m not able to purchase any apps …!!
    I wish Apple fixes this bug soon…:(

  • Mtoomb


  • Binn79

    In vietnam also :(

  • Nancy

    Down in Canada as well.

  • Lilah

    I thought it was only me, I got scared something was wrong with my phone. I had deleted all my apps and most of my pictures because i thought there wasn’t enough storage and i tried and it still wouldn’t let me.

  • Julianna Meyer

    South africa down as well

  • robin

    is this just affecting iTunes? the error message is blocking me from doing anything on my phone

  • Florin

    Down In Romania too …

  • Chương Nguyễn

    Down in VietNam too

  • Dustin Whatever

    This problem is making it to where I can’t even open an application other than the ones already on the phone like messages and Safari. When I open an app, such as Kik, it prompts me, asking for my iTunes information. When I type in the correct password, it goes on to tell me that I need to retry. And if I select cancel, the app just closes. Also won’t let me sign into iTunes at all because I logged out, thinking I could log back on and it would work, but luckily it isn’t just me.

  • Vera

    It’s no working in Spain either…so frustrating! Any idea when are they going to fix this?

  • grace

    Still down in Central Illinois. Pretty mad!!

  • Lyssa Riley

    been trying to text my gramma to say im going to my friends and it wouldnt let me text her

  • Amanda

    Down in Idaho!

  • Jason

    Down in Kansas City, MO…

  • Sss

    This problem makes me really upset now. In Thailand too.

  • Jenna

    My work phone has been affected. I was in the middle of downloading a new software and now I cannot. Not access to email or contacts now, as my connectivity to our work system has been lost.

  • Megan

    I just bought a iPad mini a few hours ago all set up etc this is really irritating because I can’t do nothing with it as I generally use my phone for browsing and bought this just for the apps : / i live in north of uk england

    • Kalle

      Same story here… But I’m in Norway though

  • Gary

    Down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was on the phone for over an hour with a respresentative from India. He remotely got into my PC (not iPad) and update iTunes from there. Why was he not informed that the iTunes Store was down ???

  • Belle

    It’s 311 Day here and I would love to mellow out to their greatest hits album!!!

  • Ayan

    Please fix this asap. Its also down here in philippines

  • Justin

    Why did i buy another iphone ????????

  • Danny

    Not working for me in uk either glad it ain’t just me tht show crap apple r but makes thousands

  • Courtney

    Down here in Atlanta – VERY annoying. How is this even acceptable? I am trying to update an app as well and am having no luck. Any one have any info on how long these outages have maybe lasted in the past?

  • Max

    Probabably the same case
    For Canada, been facing the same issues

  • Vike

    same error!! this is sick..! and also there is some issue going on with airtel service in iphone. the airtel users not able to connect to internet via 3g in South India. wth!!

  • Debbie

    Down in Cypress, Ca. I have been trying to download an app all morning (Mar. 11) to no avail. Hope Apple gets their act together soon!

  • Lee

    It’s down in Singapore too! Thought something was wrong with my phone/account when I couldn’t connect to iTunes. Hope Apple will solve this issue soon. Not being able to download apps is quite annoying :(

  • Lalit Garg

    Yes, even I am facing the same issue in India… tried signing in with Apple ID, but same error message is coming up…

  • jenny

    I been trying to download a song it won’t let me I glad it not me

  • Daniela

    Down in Mexico as well

  • Fjf

    its down in sweden too

  • Krissi

    Same error since about 9am EST. My phone updated and still has the same issue. Just waiting on it to get back working! Annoying :/

  • Ellyfang

    Just bought iPhone 6. Already have apple id but every time I am going to get app a message said can’t connect to iTunes store always appear. So annoying as I can’t download app that I need, so still have to bring 2 mobiles

  • Kenneth

    Down in Norway too…

  • Keith Panco

    Apple seems to be more interested in social issues than technology these days. They are no longer innovators.

  • Ralitsa

    Same here. I have recently restarted my phone due to system update, and now I had to enter my password several times, instead of simply entering Touch ID. It didn’t work, anyways. Keep waiting. :)

  • Kenny Chua

    I am from Malaysia and I am also experiencing the same issue. Thanks for the update! I thought my iPad has gone bonkers.

  • ashley

    im glad its just not me this is ridiculous. i hope they fix it soon

  • Quang

    At the middle of setting up the new Ipad and so confused and panic with the “cannot connect to …” that searched for solutions. Thank you so much for this new!

  • Reed

    It’s not working for any of my friends in the US.

  • Jammi Nunya

    Also happening to me, so frustrating!!

    • Sean Collier

      I signed out before I read this post and now can’t sign back in! This sucks!!! Step it up Apple!

      • Danyelle

        I did the same thing trying to fix it because I thought something was wrong with my phone. That was after I spent an hour and a half updating my phone because I thought that was the problem.

  • Jay

    I Was just about to download flinch. And BOOM nothing


    Have been trying to download a song since 7 am. Refuses to connect to iTunes or restore Touch ID buying. Oh and do not download the new update. All about the stupid watch.

    • i didnt want to update but i thought i had no choice since the problem can up when i was using a later ios so i figured i needed to update to fix the issue only for it not to work now im stuck with this new ios i really didnt wanna download yet

  • Amy

    So frustrating! At least I know now that it isn’t just me and I won’t drive myself crazy trying to fix the problem.

  • Tommy

    Poland. Appstore is not working. Blank page or unable to buy/update apps.

  • cwpreston

    I haven’t been able to connect on my iPhone or Macbook. Still have access to my albums via iTunes match on my iPhone, but nothing else works.

  • rafi

    i thought it was only me ;)))