I remember the shock when my brother told me there was some scene after the credits rolled up in Pirates of the Caribbean. Since then, I've always tried to make sure I don't end up losing those small, one-minute scenes at the end of the credits (stingers or credit cookies). I'm often disappointed because there's nothing at the end, but sometimes, the surprise is worth the wait.

What if there is an app that tells you if you need to wait (because there's something epic at the end) or if you can just leave the theater? And what if it can tell you if that scene during/after the credits is worth waiting for?

That's precisely what Anything After does.

Of course, there are a few (very few) apps that address this already but I can tell you one thing: I don't think they're like Anything After, the app we're here to talk about.

Anything After iPhone App Review

I've used one of these myself and I was quite pleased with it. But that's until Anything After came along and changed my perception. Almost all of these apps run on user-feedback so you're getting genuine information. But what if you could get a little more glimpse into the scene, about what it hints at?

Anything After does this. It not only tells you whether you need to wait for after-the-credits scenes but if you are so persistent, you can also look up information about the scene itself. Of course, this is a ‘spoiler alert' kind of an experience but let's face it: you're sitting through almost 5 minutes of credits for this particular scene. You might just use that little extra info.

I liked Anything After a lot because it has a beautiful design too. The interface – unlike all the other apps I've used for this purpose – is cleaner, spacious and really usable. You might think what difference that makes but trust me: it makes a ton of a difference.

Here's what Anything After is, briefly:

  • Great design to begin with. Usable, beautiful and simple.
  • A good level of crowdsourcing. Apparently, the app is quite popular already so there are tons of users chiming in.
  • Much more than just an ‘Yes' or a ‘No' – I can see that a few people don't like to know more to preserve the surprise but if you want more info, Anything After's got 'em.
  • You too can participate in it! After all, it's a crowdsourced data so if you watched a movie, waited for the stinger and watched it too, use the app to tell others that there is a credit cookie. And if you've got time, add more info about it too!

If you're a movie-goer who has this appreciation for short creative clips at the end of the movie, Anything After should be in your kitty. It's one of those must-haves for iPhone users.

Anything After is compatible with both iPhone and iPad although it works best on the iPhone. It's available on the App Store for $0.99. It's developed by Damien Dalli.

Download Anything After