Sharing files across Apple’s iOS 7 & 8 as well as OS X Yosemite will become far more efficient with AnyDrop 3 than it has been till now. The cydia tweak brilliantly does so via the built-in AirDrop feature in iOS 8.

AnyDrop 3 is fully powered and boasts of some fabulous features such as YouTube support, the ability to send DRM-less files and works perfectly with non-jailbroken devices too. Want to know more about it? Here is a detailed review.

How to Use AnyDrop 3 to Share Any File Across iOS and Yosemite via AirDrop

How to Share Any File Across iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite

You will find the AnyDrop 3 app icon on the Home screen after you have installed it on your iPhone/iPad. It has an iFile like interface. It will let you browse the entire files and also help you in finding the one which you want to send.

Step #1. Tap on the blue “i” button next to the file which you wish to send. It will cause the share sheet to slide into view.

Step #2. Now, you will see the AirDrop devices which would be near, just tap on the AnyDrop destination to which you want to send file.

That's all there is with it.

Works Best for iOS Devices

Though AnyDrop 3 supports both iOS and OS X, it works best for iOS. It's not that it doesn’t work with Mac's OS X Yosemite, it is just that it is more fluent and compatible with iOS.

YouTube Support

AnyDrop has YouTube support and is equipped to send DRM-less files directly from the Music app. However, there is one con with it that you may not like about it; only manually synced music via desktop iTunes is allowed to be sent.

Tap on the “More” options button represented by three dots which is in the top right corner while viewing any video. Now you will see a downwards arrow button, tap on it to download the video. So simple.

Available For Download

It is available for you to download at $2.90 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. But AnyDrop 2 users can get it at just $0.99. Moreover, you can even get absolutely free if you purchased AnyDrop 3 within the last month.

iGB's Take

AnyDrop 3 will help you break the limitations of AirDrop in sending files. Keeping aside a few restrictions, it is an amazing app worth downloading. If you have used AnyDrop 2 before, you will appreciate the improvements it has acquired.