Anvitha Vijay: Meet This Nine-Year-Old WWDC16’s Youngest Developer

The youngest developer to attend WWDC16 is Anvitha Vijay - just nine-year-old - who wishes to meet Tim Cook and create great apps.

Apple’s Hello, WWDC16 is set to go live in just a few hours from now. As expected, there is a massive curiosity among fans as well as tech world about the major announcements that will soon see the light of the day. Lucky developers from all across the world are to take part in WWDC.

As it’s been a case for the last several years, getting a ticket for WWDC event is extremely difficult; if not impossible.

Anvitha Vijay WWDC16’s Youngest Developer

However, a little girl just nine-year-old-named Anvitha Vijay has been not just able to get the ticket for the Worldwide Developers Conference but also wishes to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook to showcase her skill. Yes, that’s true!

When Vijay was just seven-year-old, she had a dream of making a mobile app. Having just $130 in her bank, she came to know that it was not sufficient to build an app.

Hence, she spent a year in learning free coding tutorials on YouTube and the web. Finally, she was able to learn how to program.

“Coding was so challenging. But I’m so glad I stuck with it. Turning an idea for an app involves a lot of hard work. There are so many components to building an app, including prototyping, design and wireframing, user interface design and then coding and testing.” Vijay said.

She is taking part in WWDC as part of Apple’s scholarship program. This year, a lot of winners are under the age of 18. Among the 350 recipients, as many as 120 students are below the age of 18. Huge 22% of scholarship winners are women.

Vijay, who is of Indian descent, wishes to meet Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

The little developer’s apps have been inspired by her toddler sister who had been learning how to talk and identify animals.

“It’s my dream to go to WWDC and meet Tim Cook,” Vijay said.

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