There’s a reason we jailbreak our devices: themes, mods, extra functions that break through limitations and most importantly, animation effects that enhance the way iOS 7 looks. As a testimony to this, a new tweak got released on Cydia, which promises cool effects / animations for a couple of features in iOS.

Animer7 Cydia tweak lets you configure the animation of banner notifications and the switcher cards in multitasking switcher. As simple as it sounds, it comes with some really good features that make it an impressive tweak. Whether it’s worth the money or not is something you get to decide.

Animer7 Cydia Tweak

Add Animations to Banner Notifications and Task Switcher in iOS 7 with Animer7 Cydia Tweak

The task switcher and the notification center elements have had a massive redesign in iOS 7. The banners that slide down are flatter, cleaner and much cooler than their previous counterparts. But what remains static is the animation effect. It’s still the slide down.

There are basically no animations in the way multitask switcher appears so even though the design overhaul makes it look amazing, adding some animations/effects to it might make it look even cooler.

Animer7 lets you add a variety of animation style to the notification banners and the way the multitask switcher cards appear. You get to tweak the animation effects to your liking.

The banner notification can be styled with a lot of effects like zoom in/out, fade in/out, slide from left/right/bottom/top etc. The banner can be styled to have an animation when it comes in and when it’s dismissed. That’s some real tweaking there.

The tweak also lets you tweak animations for the switcher: again, you have the slide in, switcher zoom and the fade in the toggle. When you swipe left/right to see more apps in the switcher, there’s going to be a beautiful cascade animation.

Animer7 is an upgrade for Animer which was a popular tweak back when it came out. There are a couple of extras too (Hiding Newsstand and control center separators) added in the tweak.

Animer7 is available on BigBoss for $1.99. It’s worth the price for its seamless and no-bug animation effect in iOS 7.

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