Quick reply is a very useful and a very popular feature for jailbroken iOS users. On the iPhone, a quick reply feature translates into a faster communication experience.

While there have been plenty of quick reply Cydia tweaks, there’s something about Anemo that makes it worth the hefty $2.99 price tag it comes with.

Anemo Cydia Tweak

Anemo Quick Reply Cydia Tweak for iPhone

Anemo is as much a quick reply tweak as any other out there. In some ways, the implementation itself is not vastly different. But the way it’s implemented design-wise and the overall user-experience makes Anemo stand out.

Once installed, Anemo will work as a quick reply buffer for SMS and iMessage. Anything that’s got to do with your Messages app, Anemo will handle it for you. It’s unlike Couria (which is one of the tweaks I’m having an eye on) where other devs can create adds-on for quick reply to various apps.

When a message comes in, Anemo puts a small reply icon on the right of the notification center. Tapping this opens a small drop-down-like interface where you can type your reply. You can send the message by tapping on the buttons beneath the text field.

The whole point of Anemo is to make this entire experience stick to the soul of quick replying: minimalism. Anemo’s design is so that it’s minimal and easy to use.

Since we’re talking about “quick” reply, you want a tweak that’s doing the job fast enough. At the moment, I can’t think of any other tweak that nails it. Now, that might be partly because Anemo targets the notifications alone but nevertheless, job well was done.

Like I said, it might sound pricey at $2.99, but it’s worth it if you text/iMessage a lot.

This tweak comes from the popular dev A3Tweaks – meaning, you get a perfected system that doesn’t turn out buggy. Also, there will be some dev work on it so you can hope that the tweak will get updated to have more features, possibly.

Anemo is available on the BigBoss repo.

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