Android Wear is here with all you need to boost up your day, each day. The options are limitless; it can be a classic or just the opposite to suit your personal style. Android Wear is launching a new “tech revolution” to ensure that it suits all the iPhone buyers with full compatibility.

Android Wear now works with iPhones

You just need to have a compatible watch; the set-up process with Android Wear on an iPhone is a cake walk. Just Install the Android Wear app, pair up watch to the phone, and start tapping through some screens, update some basic preferences and it is done. If you feel a tech bug still waiting for more then there are countless chances for you to explore more in settings.

Your wrist is just where you look for all important information like calls, messages notifications to appointment reminders, current traffic info and flight status.

It also helps you to monitor your health; you can challenge yourself with fitness goals and update yourself by analysing your daily and weekly progress. Your watch automatically tracks walking and running and even measures your heart rate.

Right now, only three watches officially support the iPhone: the LG Watch Urbane, the Huawei Watch, and the Asus ZenWatch 2; the last two aren’t even available for purchase yet. There’s another important caveat: when paired to an iPhone, Android Wear watches can’t do as much as the Apple Watch. Nor can they do as much as they can when paired to an Android phone.

Jeff Chang, the lead product manager for Android Wear says that “Google isn’t supporting older watches because it wants them to work right away, without software updates. In order to guarantee a good experience, where out of the box it will work immediately and you don’t have to do any fancy footwork, that’s why it has to be the newer watches”. But I suspect that the Android community will find ways around that limitation for older watches in relatively short order.

However, Apple is not allowing compatibility with app stores on the iPhone, nor is it likely that third-party app maker will be able to easily bake in more advanced support for Android Wear and few more restrictions.

With the entire hula hoop around, you may find the real style in you. So whoever you are and whatever you like Android Wear lets you wear what you want.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.2 or later on iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
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