This is one of the strangest analysis that I’ve heard so far. And in all probability, John Gruber or Jim Dalrymple will shoot this down in the following days. This relates to iPad Mini 2 release date (and one subsequent iPad Mini too).

NPD DisplaySearch’s Richard Shim says, according to CNET, that there will be two refreshes coming from Apple for their iPad Mini series. In an earlier report, it was said that the iPad Mini 2 would arrive – with the fanfare of retina display – in Q3 of 2013.

Richard seems to be of the opinion that there will be two updates. The first one will arrive in the second-half of 2013 and by that we are to assume Q3 of 2013. The second refresh will be in Q1 of 2014. This particular refresh will feature an iPad Mini with a retina display and an upgraded processor.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date Rumors

The reasoning for this odd claim is that Apple did a six-month upgrade for the iPad 3 when it revealed the iPad 4 with an upgraded processor after six months of the iPad 3 in the market. That time, the iPad 4 not only got a processor-upgrade but also the change in the dock from the usual 30-pin dock connector to the lightning dock.

But does that mean Apple will be following a six-year refresh for its iPad Mini series too? I don’t really buy this.

To begin with, unless Apple has strong numbers of how many units sell in six months and how the demand dies out before the quest for the next upgrade comes up, it won’t be doing six month refreshes. The iPad 4 stint does seem like an exception and not a rule. For instance, this will cause a stock-pile of the sort Apple desperately tried to get rid of (and succeeded after Tim Cook became the chief of operations at Apple under Jobs).

Secondly, the state of affairs at the production (delays) aren’t clear so one has to take such kinds of analysis cautiously. So far, the iPad Mini 2 looks poised to feature a retina display (despite earlier suggestions to the contrary that we reported) and possibly a better processor (that sounds pretty obvious). And the iPad Mini 2 release date looks to be Q3 of this year again.

So, this one, we just don’t buy. At least not yet.