Amazon Prime Day Sale 2018: These 10 Dos & Don’ts Can Save Your Day

Planning to make the most of the exclusive offers during Amazon Prime Day Sale 2018? Check out these 10 tips to cash-in-on the coolest offers without falling prey to any trap!

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2018 (16 and 17 July) has triggered a never-seen-before hailstorm with the global sales expected to go beyond 3.4 billion. If it becomes a reality, July 17 could turn out to be the biggest shopping day for Amazon. Getting ready to cash-in-on the bumper offers? Great! Have a quick glance at some of the most crucial things before rushing to make the most of Amazon Prime Day 2018 sales.

The race to save tons of money is indeed enormously exciting only as long as it doesn’t turn out to be a shocker. What may appear to be a steal in the first glance might be a trap. Thus, it pays to keep the real buyer’s intent awoken; especially when handling out-of-the-box offerings. More after the break:

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Amazon Prime Day 2018: 10 Tips to Keep In Mind Before Going for Hot Offers

Tip #1. Check Out the Reviews Before Jumping On the Bandwagon

It’s always advisable to have a close look at the customer reviews before hitting the buy button. Of course, not all reviews are genuine, but you can find out some critical ones that can offer you better insight about the product you are planning to buy.

In case, you aren’t happy with the users’ take on an item, search it on the web. If the product is from a well-known brand, you won’t have to travel a long distance to find a more balanced opinion about the item.

If an item has got four and a half stars out of only a few reviews, it may not be as good as the one that has got only three stars out of hundreds of customer reviews. Many a time, some of the products from popular brands are pretty good but fail to get a lot of stars. When taking a call, do keep this crucial thing in mind.

Tip #2. Go For the Items That Have Received Maximum Rating

One of the simplest ways to pick a fine item is to see its overall rating. On Amazon, you can quickly check out how many stars a particular product has got. This tool may not always be a perfect parameter, but when you seem to get stuck and can’t decide which way to go, it can come in handy.

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Tip #3. Keep Your Tools in Complete Control

Before going for the kill, ensure that all of your tools are battle ready. I mean, be sure you have already taken the Amazon Prime Membership ($12.99/monthly and $119/yearly.)

To quickly catch up with all the hottest deals, it would be better to save the credit/debit card info in advance. Once you have got it ready, you can get the most out of every deal that catches your eyes in a jiffy!

Tip #4. Trade Very Cautiously When Dealing with Unknown Brands

Though Amazon is one of the most reliable online shopping platforms, you should never blindly trust any vendor. If you come across an unknown brand, be sure to find out its background. You can head over to its website to see what it has to offer. Besides, taking the help of Google to discover some essential things wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Tip #5. Get Your Price Tracker Up And Ready

Price trackers can go a long way in helping you choose a better product. To get started, you can create a wishlist of the products you are willing to buy and set the threshold for each one of them. As soon as the price comes down to your expected level, the app will instantly inform you. Hence, you can make the most of the hot deals before they get out of stock.

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One notable thing worth mentioning is that most price tracker apps let you view the history of price changes. Don’t fail to give them a miss as they can play a vital role in helping you make a wise decision.

Tip #6. Compare the Price As Even Greater Deal Might Be Waiting for You

Many a time we tend to hurry a bit to seal a deal and don’t even bother to check out what others have to offer. I say this because it has happened to me on a few occasions.

To ensure I don’t have to repent later, I take the full advantage of the best shopping apps. They are designed to let you comfortably compare the price from hundreds of top retailers. Therefore, finding out which one has got the hottest offer is never a big deal.

Tip #7. All That Glitters is Not Gold

Though I always like to cash-in-on the early bird discounts or make the most of never-heard-before offerings, I never go ahead until I’m fully convinced that they are true. The stuff that seems to be too good to be true is the one I try my best to skip. It’s a pretty simple way to avoid falling prey to unwanted deals.

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Generally, when people find an incredible offer, they hardly want to discuss its downsides. Even if they seem to be visible, they try to ignore them. As a result, the outcome is mostly on the unexpected line. Rarely do all the unbelievable offers come out in flying colors when faced with the reality.

Tip #8. Keep Amazon Products on Your Radar

There is a high possibility that you can get plenty of discounts on Amazon products. So, keep them on your radar. However, don’t expect to get the same amount of concessions from some of its biggest rivals like Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

If you are willing to purchase products from these companies with more discounts, wait for the right opportunity to come your way as many other retailers like eBay, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s and more are also gearing up for the mega sales.

Tip #9. Want to Buy Summer Apparels At Lowest Price? Wait Until the End of the Season

Looking for summer apparels at plenty of discounts? Though you can get cool offers even now, you should wait until the end of the season to save tons of bucks. I bet you would be surprised to see the discounted price of most of the cloths by the end of the summer.

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Tip #10. Last But Not the Least, Pay Money Only After You Have Got Your Item

If possible, pay the money only after you have received the product. This way you will get a chance to have a look at the item. And just in case, the purchased stuff doesn’t stand up to your expectation, you can immediately return it.

That’s pretty much it!

Over to You!

I wish you all the very best and hope that you succeed in catching all the exclusive offers with the desired result. Have any question? Shoot it in the comments.

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