aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Unmatched Utilities & Excellent Features

A couple of days ago we published a review of aLLreli V4.0 Wireless Bluetooth headset, and now I have got another cool product of the same brand. It is aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset with Mic. Normally, I avoid writing on the products of the same brand in two weeks’ duration, but this time, I am forced to write as the product has tremendous oomph factor.

aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset for iPhone 6 and 6 PlusErgonomic Design

One of the most stunning features of this iPhone 6/6 Plus Bluetooth headset is an ergonomic design that easily enhances user comfort. The headset so perfectly fits around my ear that I can hardly feel that I am using it unless of course I receive a call or message. If I am not comfortable with one pair of earbuds, I can easily use another pair. Receiver and Microphone both are designed to provide ultimate comfort to users; the receiver can rotate 180 degrees and microphone can rotate 200 degrees, and this makes all the difference as I can easily do all activities at home, office and gym. This wireless Bluetooth gives me freedom to talk, drive and listen to music comfortably.

Connect Two Devices Simultaneously

Like aLLreli V4.0 Wireless Bluetooth headset, this Bluetooth headset for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus allows me to connect two devices simultaneously. I can make the most of two devices – my iPad and my iPhone. On my iPad, I can listen to music or watch videos, and I can talk to my colleagues and friends on my iPhone by connecting this aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset. Another advantage of this feature is that I can sync this headset with my two phones – one for home and another for office. And I can browse two different music libraries. Moreover, I can perfectly adjust all controls like answering, hanging up the phone, playing and pausing music, adjusting volume, etc. Now put your iPad or iPhone in your bag or desk and move around freely!

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Sounds Good

Forgive my wordplay but here, I am talking…oops…writing about the sound quality of this Bluetooth headset. I am impressed by its duplex sound quality, echo, and noise cancellation. Credit goes to its ultra-sensitive microphone that makes audio-rich and real. Not to forget, the A2DP profile provides HD sound quality. So even while you are talking to somebody who hears hard, maybe you don’t have to repeat yourself. Its sound quality can make aLLreLi K6 Bluetooth 4.1 headset one of the best iPhone 6/6 Plus Bluetooth headsets.

Battery Power

Since it allows users to sync two devices, the battery of this headset has to be robust. And yes, the battery is indeed robust. Its strong lithium ion battery gives you talk time of 9 hours, music time of 8 hours and standby time of 220 hours. And if you think that the headset must be taking much time, then hold on. It gets recharged fully in just two hours. Enjoy the music and conversation!

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Price: $79.99 [$49.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]
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