aLLreLi 4.5W Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Enjoy Music & Chat on the Go


The true-blue music aficionados would always carry their love wherever they go. With an uber-cool music player and portable speakers, they would enjoy music even in the deepest of terrains. But hold on! Do your Bluetooth speakers survive the vagaries of climate?

Most Bluetooth speakers fail to give their best performance in wet or damp conditions. If they catch dust or dirt, they will start emitting hoarse noise. If you have some not-so-good experiences with your Bluetooth speakers, you need to bring home aLLreLi 4.5W Bluetooth Wireless Speakers with Mic.

aLLreLi Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone 6 and 6 PlusTruly Portable

aLLreLi 4.5W Bluetooth Wireless Speakers are compatible with all Bluetooth devices. The waterproof Army Green speakers are truly portable because you can use them anywhere and they can survive all kinds of conditions. The wireless speakers boast silicone cases and an aluminum sealed speaker; these materials impart extra robustness and allow them to carry an International Protection 65 waterproofing rating. If you are traveling across the rough patches, these speakers will keep dust at bay; moreover, the speakers are shockproof and hence, can sustain bumpy rides.aLLreLi Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone 6 and 6 PlusCompact Design

Design plays a pivotal role to make any speakers portable. aLLreLi 4.5W Bluetooth Wireless Speakers flaunt genuine compact design, which makes the speakers easy to carry on the go. Smartly sized up at 3.7″ x 3.4″ x 1.3″, these speakers are supported by heavy-duty aluminum hook, a suction cup and a bike rack – three different options to fix or carry them.

The round shape and suction cup provide extra mobility to these speakers; take them in the shower, while you are driving a car, swimming in the pool, cycling or doing any activity, anywhere.

Sound Quality

The high-tech 4.5-watt wireless speakers ensure that you can enjoy every moment of music – just like you do while partying! With these speakers, go carefree about your adventure place – whether it’s mountain ranges in the Himalayas, serpentine Nile or the Grand Canyon.

Moreover, the speakers give you the liberty to talk even if you are in the shower or sitting in your backyard.

Battery Saving Design

Enjoy your conversations and music without any interruption. With a strong 3.7-Volt aluminum ion battery, the speakers continuously give you pause-free entertainment.

Its power saving feature automatically turns off speakers when they are not in use for 15 minutes. The battery-saving design keeps the battery from being wasted.

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