If you’re a redditor, you probably noticed a new app launch link out there on the /r/iphone sub-reddit. Or may be not because there’s a ton of information on it. Information overload. Anyway, I was going through the daily dose of reddit news when I stumbled on AlbumShare.

AlbumShare, as the name suggests, is a ‘share an album with friends’ kind of an app. It’s simple, easy to use and fast. That said, you’re wondering why it’s being reviewed here because there’s already Photo Stream from Apple!

That’s where the thing works smartly. You see to access Photo Stream, you need an account. An Apple/iCloud account. And then, when you share photos to an album, there are limitations. Despite being a minimalist by nature, Apple’s Photo Stream sharing has a few features that I am not very much fond of. Still, since it works right out of the box and there’s nothing overwhelming, I get along with it.

AlbumShare iOS Photo App

But AlbumShare probably changes that in a revolutionary way. How?

  • No logins/signups. There’s absolutely no logging in or signing up business. It’s all “open.”
  • Upload albums faster. Got albums with 100s of photos on them? No worries. I guess that the service being new, the uploads are quite fast.
  • And the cream of the whole app is where you share: whatever you upload can be shared through text. Not exactly the photos (as in adding photos to iMessages) but it sends the recipient a link to the shared album. That’s it.
  • Collaboration: people can add photos to the album and it all becomes one big happy album where your friends can add their photos so you can see them.

AlbumShare is meant to be open and free and the easiest way to share albums. The developer seems to have had a brainwave after the Oktoberfest where he and his friends had taken a ton of photos and had to share them with all. Out comes AlbumShare as a result and I think this is going to be pretty useful for a lot of people.

Albums aren’t private but you can’t access them without the link. So only those with the link can view the album and the photos it contains. And it’s all cloud so you can access it from anywhere in the world on any device of your choice: iPhones, iPads, Mac, PC, everything.

Download Album Share (Free)