The clock app icon has seen a magical overhaul in iOS 7 with a “live” clock replacing the old one. Of course, we’ve got Live Clock by Ryan Petrich already so this is not really a huge thing for users who’ve used Cydia tweaks.

Today, I wanted to talk about two Clock-related Cydia tweaks that add some value to the Alarm clocks in the Clock app.

The first one is Pull to Disable Alarms and the other one is TimeForAlarm.

Alarm Clock Cydia Tweaks

1. Pull to Disable Alarms

If you’ve got a lot of alarms set – for instance, five or more – and if you want to switch off everything at once, this is the tweak to turn to. Disabling the alarms one by one is going to be tedious and all you do with this tweak is simple: pull down the screen and you get a pull-to-refresh-like icon. Keep pulling and at one point, all the alarms get disabled (switched OFF). It’s actually terrifically simple way to disable multiple alarms. Think of this as the essential tweak for those of you planning to sleep more this Sunday.

There is no settings to change for this tweak.

Pull to Disable Alarms is a free tweak and available on BigBoss repo.

Here is how to use Pull to Disable Alarms:

2. TimeForAlarm

TimeForAlarm is similar to another tweak we demoed a long time back although interface-wise, it’s different. The few of us who time our sleep (8 hours), we might need to calculate the alarm time every time we set it. TimeForAlarm shows the number of hours, minutes and seconds right under the alarm-time set in the clock app.

Basically, you know how much time elapses before the alarm goes off. Even if the alarm is switched off, the time is shown. The only option you have is to enable/disable the seconds too. Disable it for a better performance.

TimeForAlarm is available for free, too, and is on the ModMyi repo.

Quick video on how to use TimeForAlarm:

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    Does it work with ios 7?