AirWeb: iPhone/iPad App To Turn Your iPhone Into a Powerful Apple TV Remote

What if you could read webpages on your TV through Apple TV? At first glance, this might seem like a feature that you might not be particularly interested in, but imagine all the time you read websites on your iPhone or iPad, wishing you had a bigger screen to read on.

That’s precisely what AirWeb does. Through AirPlay, AirWeb lets you connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV through Apple TV. And through this, you can see webpages on your TV instead of the smaller screen. There’s a lot to this than meets the eye.

AirWeb iPhone App Review

AirWeb iPhone/iPad App

Reading websites on the TV doesn’t really sound cool but the possibilities are amazing. Instead of many heads crowding over a webpage on Amazon, your family could be sitting in front of the TV while you all get to pick your shopping list. Just with an iPhone or iPad connected to the TV via Apple TV.

AirWeb is designed to make it very easy to browse webpages on your TV by controlling it through your iPhone or iPad. The touch and gestured based controls make it very easy to navigate and control the websites you are reading/seeing.

AirWeb comes with full support for media playback that includes videos on websites. So basically, you can browse for YouTube content on your iPhone or iPad and then have it seamlessly streamed to the TV. The Apple TV merely serves as a connector and there’s nothing much by way of configuration. Once you are setup, everything runs smoothly.

Here are some features that AirWeb supports:

#1. Photo uploads in webpages work.

#2. Supports landscape mode on iPad.

#3. Trackpad and controls for easy interfacing

Although designed for a web browsing experience on your TV, with many apps going “online” these days, you can extend the app’s functionality to create/edit documents online while the output is visible on your TV.

AirWeb supports:

  • iPad mini (original) and iPad mini w/Retina
  • iPad 2 and above including iPad Air
  • iPhone 4s and above
  • iPhone 4 with cables
  • iPod Touch 5th gen
  • You’ll need Apple TV 2 or 3 for AirWeb to work.
  • You’ll need to be running iOS 7 to use AirWeb.

Price: $0.99
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