Controlling the shutter on one iPhone using another is – simple as it sounds – a novel idea that has been implemented picture-perfectly by Camera Plus. Called ‘AirSnap’, this feature lets you capture better selfies, especially group selfies, without having to fumble with the iPhone.

At its best, AirSnap from Camera Plus is going to make things not just easier but far better. Selfies on iPhone and iPads have always been awkward no matter how good you try. That will change.

Capture Selfies Much Better with Two iOS Devices The New AirSnap Feature

Camera Plus is a very popular stock-camera alternative for the iPhone (and iPad). With a growing list of amazing features, it has grown quickly in terms of popularity and strength. Through the three versions we’ve seen in these years, Camera Plus has become synonymous with photography on the iPhone/iPad. It’s a sort of a perfect mixture of both a camera app and a photo editing app to touch photos and add a new level of professionalism.

With the recent update (3.5), Camera Plus adds a new feature called AirSnap. What this does is it allows you to click the shutter on a secondary iPhone/iPad using your own iPhone/iPad. So basically, you can set an iPhone/iPad a little far away, get yourself (and your bunch of friends) ready for the shot and then click the shutter on the iPhone without having to reach out for the iDevice at all. That’s because you will trigger the shutter through your own iPhone/iPad via AirSnap.

AirSnap works through Bluetooth or Wi-fi. When both the iOS devices are connected to the same network, or when both are Bluetooth-paired, AirSnap can instantly detect and connect two iOS devices. Once done, it’s just a matter of clicking the shutter.

By way of technology, AirSnap is not a revolutionary idea. This sort of a communication has been existent for a long time. But Camera Plus might very well be the first folks who implemented it for this purpose so seamlessly.

A typical example of where AirSnap comes into use would be at a party. You no longer have to try to stretch your arms as far as possible to get everyone in the picture. All you do, instead, is pair two devices via Camera Plus (both the devices need to be running Camera Snap), get one of the devices positioned to click the picture (you can just have it leaning on something) and then, after you are all ready, click the shutter on the other iDevice (which is in your hand).

AirSnap over Bluetooth works great for distances less than 30m. Over Wi-fi, it can stretch further.

Capturing selfies just got better.

It’s $0.99 on the app store.

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