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AirSelfie AIR PIX

Selfie sticks look so old school in the presence of this aerial camera made by AirSelfie. Even the most camera-shy person would love to give a pose in front of AIR PIX floating camera. Yes, you read that right. This selfie camera flies in the air, and you don’t need a selfie stick to control this flying saucer.

There has been a common concern among selfie lovers that they have to rely on sticks, which need stability. When not with selfie sticks, people have to request strangers to take their pictures. Some would agree, and others would turn down the requests. With AIR PIX, all your worries about selfie will prove groundless.

AirSelfie AIR PIX: A Personal Photographer in Your Pocket

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Photography is your personal experience and choice; you wouldn’t like an idea to involve any other person, not only in your picture but also as a photographer. Perhaps this fact has inspired the developers of AIR PIX. It all starts with you and ends with HD quality photos and videos you can upload on social media.

It’s a Selfie Aerial Camera

AIR PIX Aerial Camera

When you are having some quality time with your loved ones, you hardly tolerate anybody’s interference. However, to freeze those happy moments in the camera, you may have to request a stranger to give a favor. AIR PIX, an aerial camera, can be your great companion. Whether you want to capture a selfie or a video, you can use this flying camera to take clear pictures.

You are no more giving your phone or camera to any stranger, who might tamper with your precious device. Get the best photos and store them on 8GB SD card, which allows you to capture more photos and videos.

Easy to Carry

AIR PIX Portable Aerial Camera

Your iPhone weighs nearly 143 grams or so, and this selfie aerial camera just 52 grams. Isn’t it easy to carry in your pocket or purse? Compact size and lightweight profile of this aerial photographer makes it highly portable. Once in the air, the camera takes a 360-degree panoramic view.

Smart Camera

AirSelfie AIR PIX Camera

The way this selfie aerial camera works makes you believe that it is your smart assistant. It works with a single touch. Next, the camera flies and captures your photos, and then returns to you. One of the glaring features of this product is facial tracking. When you are the only object AIR PIX has to capture, it tracks your face and takes your pictures. It flies, frames, snaps, and returns.

Moreover, you can use gesture control; this feature enables users to control the camera without an iPhone. With built-in SYNControl, the camera takes your commands through your gestures and movements. On the iOS app, you can use a digital joystick to pilot the camera.


AirSelfie AIR PIX Camera Design

This flying camera boasts Italian design with four propellers in corners. This quadcopter gives you 12MP photos and can fly within the range of 60 feet. It can stay in the air for more than 6 minutes and ensures smooth air flight stabilization. It is the smallest, easiest, and coolest selfie camera in the world.

Product Specs

  • 102x85x13mm
  • Weight – 52g
  • Full HD 1920x1080p @30fps Videos
  • 12MP FOV 70° Camera
  • 30m Flight Range
  • 8GB SD Card
  • 2.4 GHz Wifi Transmission

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That’s all, friends!

Over to you!

AIR PIX has changed the way people have been taking selfies on their smartphones. This is your personal photographer in your pocket, and it can capture beautiful photos you could not have thought before. When the battery gets drained, this aerial photographer safely lands automatically. However, you can use an optional AIR PIX 5000mAh power bank to recharge your aerial photographer.

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