AirMod Wireless Adapter for Bose QC 25 Headphones: Engineered to Enhance Music Experience

AirMod Wireless Adapter for Bose QC 25 headphone is designed to enliven your music experience. Check out the complete review.

“Bose QC 25” is a fabulous headphone. With the stylish design and great sound, the headphone is loved by many folks, including me. As they say, “Nothing is perfect”, there is always plenty of room for enhancement. QuietComfort 25 can be made more elegant and user-friendly with a fine wireless adapter.

AirMod Wireless Adapter is designed to empower “QC 25” headphone. Boasting of long battery life and the ability to let you control music comfortably, it can be a welcome addition to your headphone. Here is why it’s engineered to be paired with your QC 25.

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AirMod Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphones

AirMod Wireless Adapter for Bose QC 25 Headphones

Long Playback and Talk Time

AirMod Wireless Bluetooth Adapter is equipped to provide a pretty good eight hours of playback and talk time. It’s enough to last your full party.

AirMod Wireless Adapter for Bose QC 25 Headphones

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I use the headphone mostly during working hour. Throughout the test, the adapter kept its promise of providing long playback up to 8 hours. At times, it even exceeded my expectation.

Quick Setup

Setting up the wireless adapter is a breeze. It gets paired with your iPhone quickly.

AirMod Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for Bose QC 25

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Step #1. Simply press and hold on the tiny power button.

Step #2. Now, once the LED light begins to flash blue, you need to pair it with your iPhone or any other compatible smartphone.

Step #3. Launch Settings app on your iPhone. Tap on Bluetooth and turn it on.

Step #4. When your smartphone detects the device, tap on “BT-QC25.”

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Hassle-Free Controls

To Repair:

Step #1. In order to repair Bluetooth with your device, simply hold down the button (Which looks like two vertical lines and a tiny arrow) until it flashes blue.

Step #2. Open Settings app. Tap on Bluetooth and turn it on. Once your smartphone has detected it, select “BT-QC25.”

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Control Your Music Effortlessly

AirMod Wireless Bluetooth Adapter Buttons

There is one very important aspect which I carefully check in wireless adapters and that is the ability to control music. It does a fine job in letting you have the ideal control over your music.

  • Just press the “+” button to increase the volume.
  • Press the “-” to lower the volume.
  • Press and hold on the “+” in order to play the next song.
  • In order to play the previous song, simply press and hold the “-” button.
  • In order to play/pause, just press and hold on the button (Which looks like two vertical lines and a tiny arrow)

Answer/Decline and Activate Siri with Optimum Ease

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With the wireless adapter, it’s very easy to answer/decline or even activate Siri. I really loved using the Bose QuietComfort 25 headphone with this adapter. It makes the task of receiving calls or triggering voice assistant as simple as you would want.

  • Just press the power button to answer any call.
  • To decline any call, all you need to do is, press and hold on the power button.
  • If you want to redial the last number, just press and hold the power button.
  • To activate Siri, press the power button.

Built-In Mic

The built-in mic is primed to offer crystal clear audio. It doesn’t let background noise disturb your peaceful communication.

So, while walking through a crowded street or jogging in a park or waiting for the flight, you won’t have any problem in having an uninterrupted communication.

Gets Powered Up Quickly

The Bluetooth adapter gets fully charged in just 60-90 minutes. To charge it all you need to do is plug the 2.5mm audio connector into the USB charging cable.

The Verdict

AirMod Wireless Adapter excels in offering the desired convenience to make your music time with QC 25 more entertaining. Endowed with long battery life and built-in mic, it succeeds in passing all the essential tests with commendable results.

If there is any con at all, it has to be the slightly high price. However, if you are willing to empower your headphone in terms of functionality, you wouldn’t want to miss out on such a cool wireless adapter.

Though the AirMod Bluetooth Adapter is priced at $119.99, you can now get it at just $69.99 from Amazon at a huge 42% discount.

Price: $119.99 [$69.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.]

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