Airmail for Mac has been updated with some features and improvements like VIP support for making specific contacts, smart folders to let you sort out your emails a lot easier and more.

Just like Airmail for iPhone, there is an option to let you turn off new message alerts for all senders except VIP contacts. Since iCloud sync supports VIPs, you get the choice to set up favorites as desired and find them across all your devices. iCloud Sync also supports smart folders.

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Airmail 3 for Mac

Airmail 3 for Mac Features

For Gmail and Exchange users, there is a “Send Later” option when composing the email. Besides, it has a primary inbox support for Gmail users. Airmail 3 for Mac app allows you to tweak keyboard shortcuts, gestures, menus, folders along with plenty of other personalization options.

All New Additions

Among the so many new additions are Smart Folders, VIP, VIP notifications, Actions, Send Later (Gmail and Exchange), Customizable menu, Customizable gestures, Customizable keyboard shortcuts, Customizable folders, Calendar integration, Fuzzy Label, Move to, Reply To Field, Redesigned threads, Gmail (Primary Inbox support), Integration Trello, Integration Asana, Recipients detected from previously sent messages, Sort Messages By Account, Forward messages in Rules, iCloud Smart Folders sync, iCloud VIP sync, iCloud Rules sync, Rules Export/Import, Action Unsubscribe, Action Space Key to scroll, Message Rendering Engine, Online Search.

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New Improvements

Sending with VPN (Gmail), Quick Reply, Composer Attachments, Thread rendering, Respect Silent Notification, Starred on threads, GAL now supports groups, Contacts.

Bug Fixes

Autocorrect on Subject, Gmail multiple Login Windows, Sporadic Half rendering Messages, Links messages.

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If you are already using Airmail, you can update this app for free. For new users, it is available at $9.99 on the Mac App Store.

Download Airmail 3

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