AirDrop Not Working in iOS 8: Here is How to Fix it

Unlike earlier, you can now transfer files across all Apple compatible devices running iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite through AirDrop conveniently. What if due to some unknown reasons AirDrop is not working in iOS 8, how will you troubleshoot it? Here is how.

There can be many reasons for AirDrop not working on iOS 8. Before going ahead with the process in order to sort it out, let’s check out a few things.

  • Make sure your iOS device is compatible. Only iPhone 5 or later, iPad 4th generation or later, iPad mini or later and iPod Touch 5th generation support AirDrop.
  • Must check out whether a particular app supports AirDrop or not. To do so, simply tap on Share button and check out if there is an AirDrop option.
  • Apps like, Photos, Contacts, and Safari have the support of AirDrop.
  • Must ensure both devices (sending and receiving) have their AirDrop turned on.

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If you have checked out all the above-mentioned information, it is time to move ahead with the process of troubleshooting the bug of AirDrop.

How to Fix AirDrop Not Working in iOS 8 – iOS 8.4

  • AirDrop can’t work if WI-FI and Bluetooth are turned off. There are two ways through which you can turn on WI-FI and Bluetooth.
  • Launch the Settings app and then turn on WI-FI and Bluetooth.

Turn On WiFi and Bluetooth for AirDrop


  • Swipe up the screen of your device from bottom, Control Center will appear. Tap on WI-FI and Bluetooth icons to turn them on.

Turn On WiFi and Bluetooth for AirDrop from Control Center in iOS 8

AirDrop doesn’t work just by turning on WI-FI and Bluetooth. You have to turn it on as well.

Step #1. Swipe up the screen from bottom.

Step #2. Tap on AirDrop (below the Control Center.)

AirDrop Not Working In iOS 8

Step #3. Tap on Everyone.

Tap on Everyone in iOS 8 AirDrop

Remember: Here you get four options

  • Off: It lets you turn off AirDrop.
  • Everyone: It allows you to transfer your files with any compatible Apple Device.
  • Contacts Only: It lets you transfer your files with only those who are in your contact list having valid Apple ID.
  • Cancel: It lets you cancel the process.

You can tap on Everyone or Contacts Only depending on your wish and the need to do so.

Reboot your device. Sometimes your device may stop functioning properly due to some technical glitches. The best way you can solve this temporary glitch is just by powering down your device and then starting it off again.

Hopefully, your AirDrop bug will be fixed now.

Watch out this video to fix the AirDrop issue on iOS 8 or later:

AirDrop makes communication between like devices so easy. Initially, it was started with only Mac to Mac. Then it became iPhone to iPhone thing. And now with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, it is allowed across all Apple devices.

The so-called cross – communication has been upgraded to a new level in order to bring more efficiency for Apple device users.

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