Air Social Keyboard iPhone App: Keep Your Social Media Interaction Engaging with a Smart, Virtual Keyboard

Social media professionals would surely welcome AIR that helps users stay engaged with other in a smarter and faster way. Want to check the effectiveness of this app? Read on and download AIR.

With the rising popularity of social media on the World Wide Web, people like to stay connected with their kith and kin living across the borders. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other channels have become boon companions of net users. Smartphones have certainly added a sort of dynamism to this vogue; only if these smart devices could help users speed up their typing skills.

The limited screen of smartphones noticeably gives less space to each character while users are typing; this has inspired makers of AIR Social Media Keyboard to come up with a fresh revolutionary idea. In our app list, we have covered many apps; this addition would certainly delight our readers to the core.

AIR Social Keyboard iPhone App

AIR is developed by Bubbl Technology Inc. It is a new social media keyboard for iPhone and iPad to make your social media interaction faster and smarter. It is a keyboard, and therefore, the app will take every other application that requires text input under its ambit. AIR will add value to your typing experience whether you are sending a message to any of your contacts, sending emails to multiple ids, tweeting, uploading an image on Instagram or posting something on Facebook. But before you start using this wonderful app, you need to sync content and contacts from your social networks with AIR.

Twitter Tale

For Twitterati, Twitter is something they consume like water; in other words, they can’t live without posting something on this micro-blogging site. But this micro-blog sometimes prevents them from posting long text. At this, you can always use AIR Memo to break that limitation of 140 characters on Twitter. Your text will be converted into a beautiful image you can post on your Twitter handle. Now share your opinions & emotions without having to worry about character limit.

Reuse Content

On social media, there are lots of contents that people reuse – mostly jokes, quotations, and other fun stuff. With AIR, you can create, store and share your favorite phrases, words, punchlines in Content Manager; you can also use boilerplate content in Content Manager. Not only this, AIR allows you to review, edit and reuse previously uploaded content from any connected social media network in any application.

AIR Social Keyboard iPhone AppUse Common Hashtags

A pro-user of Twitter would always use popular hashtags while posting anything personal or official, i.e., if s/he is working for any client. In AIR, users can first compose, and then apply tap-to-tag in Text Editor. Users can enjoy access to contacts, hashtags, groups or regularly used content with a single tap.

Air iPhone Keyboard App for Social Media

Wonderful Images

A picture speaks a thousand words. Like Text Editor, users can also use AIR’s Image Editor to create and share optimized images. The editor allows users to crop, letterbox, and apply message over photos with text to create wonderful, engaging visual content – and all this while you are in the social network, you are not supposed to leave the network.

Your Unique Identity

Stand out of the crowd. Today, social media is buzzing with big and small brand ambassadors, who have created their own identity. You can also create an identity that sets you apart from the online mob. Create your unique avatar and signature to make your content exclusive. Also, add a watermark to all your customized images.

After evaluating many useful features, it is wise to download and use this free app on your iPhone. Sign up now and start using AIR.

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