AIMIsocial Media Marketing app review: Ace the social media game

Your presence on the web can significantly affect your brand & sales, especially for small businesses, entrepreneurs & side-hustlers. It could be the difference between your sales & popularity graph moving up or down. AIMIsocial Media Marketing app‬ by PreBuilt Marketing AI promises to help you excel at social media content creation.

But maintaining a presence and being consistent across all popular platforms requires a lot of attention, skill, and time. And not every company has the resources or funding to hire a social media team or spend hours on calendar planning. But AI could help, well, at least that’s what the AIMIsocial app claims.

And as I explore and review the app, let’s see how it could aid you in acing your social media game.

What is AIMIsocial, and how does it work?

AIMIsocial is a smartly designed app that puts an automation spin on social media marketing strategy. It has the capability of putting your content creation process on auto-pilot.

How? Well, quite similarly to how Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa automate things. Developers Zachary Hedges and Pete Pena have compiled their years of experience in the field in one place and created an AI.

Here’s a quick video to help you understand the app better.

YouTube video

Notably, this AI has the power to help you capitalize your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for promoting your brand and enhancing your reach.

Consistency matters as much as the content

While content is the king, the algorithm of social media platforms does not really comprehend your content. It majorly looks for consistency and audience engagement to push your content to its users.

Consistency means posting at regular intervals, and most strategists suggest 4-5 posts in a week. But how to generate all this content quickly without repeating? Plus, the posts can’t be random or irrelevant; otherwise, why will the audience like comment, share, or follow.

AIMIsocial Media Marketing

Cracking the social media game is surely not easy. And you may need a team of content writers, graphic designers, social media, and SEO experts. Or maybe not, because AIMIsocial could wear all these and more hats.

Setting up AIMIsocial

To get started, you have to give AIMI all the basic information about your business. Remarkably, video prompts (tutorials) at various levels explain how it is done, so even a noob can easily accomplish this task.

Setting up AIMIsocial Media Marketing app for iPhone

Next, AIMI uses machine learning to create a custom editorial calendar for a full month, according to your given information. As of now, the app offers support to 30 + industries, from Health & Wellness to travel.

AIMI iOS app offers support to 30 plus industries

I know a few major industries, including ‘Tech’ is missing from the list. But the app is still building its services and promises to add new industries monthly.

You can make edits to the schedule according to preferences, and AIMI will even learn from that and make things more personalized for you and your audience.

What’s more! AIMI will provide you the next month’s calendar on the 1st of every month! So you can check, approve and schedule posts for the next 30 days. Just imagine the time & energy you can have to save by using this app.

Schedule posts in AIMI iOS app

Now that the basics of the app are all laid out let’s see how AIMI multitask!

It’s a smart copywriter

According to the basic questionnaire filled up and the setting you have selected, AIMI writes a copy for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, complete with call-to-action text.

AIMI Writes a copy with complete call-to-action text

The writing is not too elaborate or descriptive, but it does give you a general idea. This makes for a good start; you can edit and enhance it as per your comfort. And to avoid repetition, AIMI works according to campaigns, i.e., what will the post talk about.

AIMI iOS app works according to campaigns

The idea is to spread conversation starters, quotes, trivia, and questions throughout the month. You have complete freedom to add, delete or manage a campaign according to your understanding and post preferences.

An intuitive and efficient graphic designer

While scrolling through social media apps, what catches your attention the most? A good pair of graphics, right! AIMI keeps you sorted in that aspect as well.

An intuitive and efficient graphic design of AIMI iOS app

Whether you want to maintain a theme, add your company’s logo, or only want a certain kind of image, the app will take all this into account. Accordingly, it will pick a suitable image from its vast royalty-free image library and make the post.

Again, you can edit or switch the image as per your liking.

Understanding strategist for all your social media

As each post rolls out, AIMIsocial keeps an eye on the overall effect. Did it invite my target audience? Which post garnered more likes? When did people like or comment?

It factors in all these and more parameters to continue or alter the strategies. And starts incorporating the changes in the next batch of content, so your audiences get exactly what they are looking for.

A friendly scheduler who eases the weights off your shoulder

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario, you have gotten a complete social media calendar for the whole month from AIMI. Now, for your review, make edits and schedule the content beforehand.

Even if the changes are a bit time-consuming, you did not waste time brainstorming something from scratch. And let’s say you are planning to take a few days off; you don’t need to worry about content.

Along with saving plenty of time and energy, AIMIsocial saves you from end-moment anxiety and mistakes, the frustration of hitting a wall, and much more.

Our Verdict – AIMIsocial Media Marketing Vs. Digital Marketer

While I won’t boast that AIMI is the perfect substitute for a digital marketer or strategist, the app could certainly help. Especially for brainstorming ideas and analyzing the impact of your posts.

The free version of the app has a lot of limitations. For instance, you can schedule only up to two posts or can’t access the campaign area. If you are seriously considering using AIMI for your social media marketing, you’ll have to buy the Pro or Pro plus package, which costs $99.99 and $124.99 a month, respectively.

And though that sounds expensive, compare that to the salary of a writer, graphic designer, and marketeer. Now, does it sound affordable? I can’t see the app replacing the human touch; there is still a lot this app has to learn and incorporate.

But one thing is for sure, it could help you mark a presence and surely sail you through the tough times until you can build a team. If you are a small business owner or a hustler, do give AIMIsocial a chance to ease some of your content creation needs.

Download AIMIsocial app: iOS app | Android app | Visit website

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