We have already seen a couple of loose Apple Watch UI ports for the iPhone/iPad (which have worked to a certain extent) but another tweak is set to one-up the game. A new tweak called Aeternum brings the Apple Watch UI to iOS 8.x, while adding a couple more features that were missing in WatchSpring.

Aeternum is not much different from WatchSpring but it does add the capability to have a dock and to customize the positions of the icons on the spring board. As of this moment, it lacks Spotlight but hopefully, that will be added in the coming weeks. Dive in to check out how it looks and works.

How to Get Apple Watch UI On iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Get Apple Watch UI On Your iPhone with Aeternum Cydia Tweak

I must admit that Apple Watch’s UI looks kind of good on an iPhone. Even though you’ll be losing some important functionality like folders and a square/rectangular grid, the sprawling icon-filled screen looks interesting.

Aeternum is what’s possibly the second or third attempt at a functional Watch-inspired UI for iOS 8.x. And it seems to work greatly. One of the major difference this and WatchSpring have is the “dock”. In Aeternum, the dock is retained so you have quick access to the frequently-used apps.

Otherwise, the UI is same. Swipe through the screen to scan through the icons (with the zoom effect on icons intact).

Some interesting changes:

#1. You can modify the positions of icons (unlike WatchSpring where you couldn’t move around icons.)

#2. There’s a dock.

#3. Spotlight has been integrated too.

#4. Interesting animation when you tap and hold (to move) instead of the usual “wiggle.”

#5. You can move icons completely out of the cluster.

#6. The typical zoom feature works perfectly (tap to zoom in/out on the springboard icons.)

#7. You can customize it to your needs (fully themable)

Update: Aeternum is now available on the BigBoss repo for $2.99.

  • Cha

    I´ve already paid for this tweak, but there´s a issue with intallation process, activator send me to safe mode… i have an iphone 5s with ios 8.1 what can i do to fix it?

    • When you purchased it? This tweak has just got major updates.

      • Just purchased this, keeps restarting in safe mode whether I respring or reboot. Any assistance?

  • darkPrince

    yeeeaahhh am waitinggg .. for this to get released ..

  • Nate Peterson

    This looks so cool! Is there an expected date for release?

    • aternum

      it in cydia now

      • Alessio Henry Grassi

        I can not seem to turn it on, what should I do?

  • Neil

    Can you notify Us by an FB post when Aeternum releases, along with its Repo link..
    -New to Jailbreaking-

    • Jason

      It’s up on Cydia! BigBoss repo.