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ADT needs no introduction. For the last many decades, this brand has ensured the security of your home and business. And now, the same name will protect you and your family on the go. ADT Go is one of the best personal safety apps you can install on your iOS or Android device. This app will monitor the real-time location for you and your loved ones, provide roadside assistance, safe driving reports, and more.

The free app on your device offers countless features; you can upgrade to premium to explore the app’s more benefits. Being a family head, you can always keep your eyes on each member – where they are, how fast they drive, their phone usage while driving, etc.

ADT Go Personal Safety App for iPhone and Android

ADT Go is so useful that you will quickly subscribe to its premium features after using its freebies. The app securely connects all the members of a family no matter where they are.

Perfect for Teen Drivers in Family

Driving Report Feature of ADT Go iOS App

Once your kids turn 18, they need a car or any other vehicle. A driver’s license does not make them accident-proof; being young, they are always charged to burn the rubber on roads. But this might lead them to accidents. For teen drivers in your family, this app can check the driving speed of your kids. Additionally, the app can also monitor the time your kids use a phone while driving. Thus, sitting in your office or living room, you can control your kids’ road rage.

Another significant feature of ADT Go is the location crime map. Before you set out to attend a housewarming party at your friend’s new residence, you can check the crime report of that location. The Local Crime Data will show you the criminal activity of a particular area. This feature alerts you and your family members before visiting a new place in or outside your city. You can get all the local crime information and stay safe.

Family Location Map

View Family Member's Live Location using ADT Go App

This feature requires a smartphone for every member of your family. Although it is a downside of this app, the feature gives you alerts when your kids leave for school or come back home. This is particularly helpful for parents with latchkey children. This app is designed for a busy family as members are far away from each other during working hours.

When your teenage kids are out in a car, you are most worried about their safety. Since youngsters are overenthusiastic sometimes, it is difficult to control their passion and aggression. However, the app gives you safe driving reports when your son or daughter is driving a car. ADT Go sends you reports of your kids’ driving activity. Thus, you get to know when your kids Overspeed, use the phone while driving, apply hard brakes, or accelerate rapidly.

SOS Response

SOS Alert Feature of ADT Go iPhone and Android App

Ensure your family’s safety and yourself by using SOS Response; this premium feature provides quick help from an ADT agent. Just press the button, and you get a quick response. This feature can help you when you meet an accident or find yourself in danger.

SOS Response also gets active when it detects a crash. Emergency response teams come into action when they come to know about an accident.

Roadside Assistance

A flat tire can spoil your long drive with your family. Thanks to ADT Go’s roadside assistance, such untoward situations can be dealt with immediately. The app provides 24×7 roadside assistance to premium users. You can call them from the app, and the agents will rush to the location for rescue.

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When it comes to the protection and security of a family, no cost is too high. At this price, ADT Go offers excellent service and assistance for premium users. What you get is undoubtedly more valuable than what you pay. I would suggest you should go for this app for the safety of yourself and the family.

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