Hack into Apple Security System and Ask for a Job: Adelaide Teen

Apple's so-called security system is proved as weak as a kitten. Two boys in their teenage hacked into the company's server, which is generally controlled by Apple's employees. After breaching the strong server walls, the boy anticipates a job offer from Apple.

An Adelaide schoolboy has found a unique way to get employment at Apple: hack into the company’s secure computer system. This boy first hacked Apple’s system when he was 13.

Now 17, the boy faced Adelaide Youth Court and found guilty to multiple computer hacking charges, reports ABC News.

My Client is Remorseful: Said Mark Twiggs, Lawyer of the Boy

According to a news report, this boy has been urged to use his extraordinary talent for good causes instead of evil actions.

When FBI came to know about this illegal entry into Apple’s system, they reported this to the Australian Federal Police. Now the lawyer of this teen says the boy did this in anticipation of a job from Apple.

Along with his teenage accomplice from Melbourne, this boy hacked into Apple’s mainframe in December 2015 and again in early 2017. Both hackers downloaded internal documents and data.

Under the guise of a company employee, the boy used his “high level of expertise” in Information Technology to fabricate fake digital credentials.

The teen didn’t have any malicious intent but thought that Apple would offer him a job.

Mark Twiggs, the lawyer of the boy, revealed to the court that his client was not aware of the seriousness of this wrongdoing.

The court came to know that Apple didn’t suffer any financial or intellectual loss from this hack.

Citing a similar action occurred in Europe, the lawyer said, “a similar person got caught, and they ended up getting employed by the company.”

Twiggs requested the court to spare a conviction because the boy wanted to study cyber security and criminology at university; his criminal record might obstruct his employment opportunities in the future.

Following this, magistrate David White did not record a conviction and placed this ‘gifted individual’ on a $500 bond.

Magistrate White accepted the teen’s intelligence as his school authorities appreciate him; moreover, he has positively used his technology talents.

When ABC contacted Apple, the company delivered a statement, “At Apple, we vigilantly protect our networks and have dedicated teams of information security professionals that work to detect and respond to threats.”

Signing off…

The entire hacking episode reveals how vulnerable Apple security system is! Apple needs to set up more robust security walls to protect its employees’ data.

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