Apparently, it doesn’t look like the Tap-to-widgets thing is over yet and the guy who made it all ultra popular, @rv1raj is out with another tweak: Addial.

Smart how he names his tweaks, right? Addial adds a dialer shortcut to your notification center. It’s really a little redundant come to think of it but I think some of us might really find this a very useful tweak.

Imagine all those lost moments when you hit the phone icon and all you get to is Contacts or Recents? In a fit of a hurry you might be tapping at every thing except the dialer. Does it sound like you? May be Addial is the tweak you need.

Addial Cydia Tweak

Briefly, Addial simply puts two buttons in the iPhone notification center. One is ‘Dial Phone‘ and the other is ‘Add Contact‘.

Addial Cydia Tweak Brings Phone Features in NC

The ‘Dial Phone’ pops out the number pad and a text field so you can type in the number and dial it. No, it doesn’t let you choose contacts – you’ve got to type a number. It’s specifically designed for this purpose although we’d definitely like to see if there’s an auto-prompt-like feature when you type a few numbers / may be, by extension, the first few letters of a name.

The ‘Add Contact’ is basically a shortcut to the Add New Contact screen within the Phone app. Nifty if you keep adding a lot of contacts, but not so if you’re going to be adding a new contact once in a while.

Addial is a free Cydia tweak available on ModMyi repo.

Quick video on how to use Addial to add new contact or call any number from NC:

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