There's hardly any photo editing feature in the stock iOS 7 Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. Apple probably did not mean to build editing features into the Photos app (they have iPhoto for that) but that ain't stopping one developer from doing something spectacular: add amazing photo editing features to the stock Photos app.

Rendarya is a new tweak that turbo-charges the Photos app by adding tons of new features ranging from filters, brightness/contrast controls, blur and focus controls, clipping/cropping and more. The sheer expanse of controls makes it look like a separate app by itself but all of it is piggy-backed over the Photos app.

Awesome Cydia Tweak Rendarya Turbo-Charge iOS 7 Photos AppThere have been quite a handful of Cydia tweaks that add some functionality to the camera (or in rare occasions, to the photos app) but nothing comes close to Rendarya. It's a one-stop tweak that brings almost all the important photo-editing features to the stock Photos app. The Photos app is basically a library of your photos but Rendarya converts it into an app like iPhoto. I'd be mighty pleased if Apple incorporated these features into the Photos app in a future iOS release.

So what does Rendarya have that makes it such an exciting tweak?

Here's what we begin with. These are the controls within Rendarya. You can enable/disable them through preferences (Settings → Rendarya).

  • Filter
  • Adjustment
  • Effect
  • Blur
  • Rotate
  • Clipping
  • Resize
  • Curve
  • Sticker
  • Emoticon
  • Text

Filter: The filters option within Rendarya works mostly like the camera filters / Instagram filters. You can pick from a bunch of popular filters like vignette, process, sepia, noir, mono, invert etc. and apply them on the photo. The previews are shown under the photo in small thumbs.

Adjustments: this is where you can adjust three major features of the photo: brightness, contrast and saturation. Each one is a slider control so you can set the desired value by sliding up/down the controls.

Effects: Effects, at first glance, seems to be like filters but actually, it's more pronounced and crude. Effects include things like gloom, pixelate, posterize, highlight etc. They're not filters.

Blur and Focus: Probably more technical then other features that Rendarya brings to the table, Blur and Focus lets you control the strength and the depth of focus on the photo. There are three modes of focus/blur that you can apply (normal, circle, band).

Rotate, Clipping, Resize: all these impact the orientation, size or the crop-factor in the image.

Curve: Curve is tonal curve, more like the Levels/Curve filter in Photoshop. By setting the points and tweaking the curve on the graph, you can alter the tone of the photo.

Sticker, Emoticon, Text: All these features let you embellish your photo with stickers or emoticons or if you want to write something over the photo, with text. You can configure the size, orientation and the font variables (font face, size, color etc.) for text. There are a lot of stickers and emoticons to choose from.

Rendarya is up on BigBoss for $1.99. For the extensive features that it adds to the stock Photos app, $1.99 is a worthy price.

The tweak only works on iPhone and iPod Touch. iPads are not yet supported.