How To Add A Family Member In Family Sharing on iOS 8

Family Sharing feature in the latest operating system (iOS 8) allows you to add up to six family members (including you). Here is how you can add a new family member in family sharing and enjoy sharing some invaluable things like never before!

Family sharing in iOS 8 lets you share movies, photos, books, calendar events, make payments for family purchases with the same credit card, approve kid’s spending from your parent’s device, share each each other’s location without having to share the same Apple ID or passwords. Unlike before, you are just a tap away from the latest happenings on any purchase, photos or calendar events.

Here’s how to add a new family member to iOS 8 Family Sharing:

Step #1. Open Settings.

Step #2. Tap on iCloud.Family Sharing iCloud SettingsStep #3. Tap on Family.

Tap On Family Family Sharing iOS 8Step #4. Tap on Add Family Member.

Add Family Member Family Sharing iOS 8Step #5. Enter the Apple ID of the person you want to include in your family.

Step #6. Tap on Next.

Family Member Added iOS8That’s all! That’s how you can add up to 5 additional members in your family sharing.

There are some restrictions of family sharing:

  • You can’t add more than six members in a family group.
  • You can’t use one Apple ID with more than one family group at a time.
  • You can’t change a family group more than twice a year.

Unlike earlier, you don’t have to take the extra pain of buying an app more than once. Your family group can share everything you buy with more convenience than ever  before. The sole objective of this family sharing on the part of Apple is to make sharing in a group of family a lot more efficient as well as a pleasant experience.

Much more importantly though, you will now not be spending extra bucks for sharing content between a lot of devices that are tied to different iCloud accounts.