iTunes typically sets the image of the album or the artist when you buy any music from the store. This is called artwork, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the terminology. In most cases, iTunes does a good job (and as long as it’s music purchased through iTunes Store, it’s perfect). But in some cases, the artwork is either incorrect or non-existent.

You have a great collection of tracks, but wait! There is no artwork for it. Or worse: it’s the wrong artwork! If you like to add/change the artwork, and make the artwork tune in with the album/track, here’s the solution. It’s really simple and easy.

How to Add Custom Artwork to iTunes Albums, Songs, and Tracks

Here’s How to Add Custom Artwork to iTunes Albums/Songs/Tracks

  • Open iTunes.
  • Go to the Albums section.
  • Select the track (or select multiple tracks if you want to change the artwork for an entire album)
  • Click on File from the menu. Then on Get Info. (you can get here by right-clicking on the selection)

Add Custom Artwork to iTunes Albums, Songs, and Tracks

  • If you selected a single track: Switch to the Artwork tab. If multiple tracks are selected: open the Info tab.

Adding Custom Artwork to iTunes Albums, Songs, and Tracks

  • Drag and drop an image from the source location (i.e. clipboard on your device) or copy and paste it here, using CTRL+V (Windows OS) or CMD+V (Mac OS.)

Want to copy artwork from other album/track?

You can copy artwork from another track to apply it to other tracks/albums:

  • Open the track/album info. (File → Get Info)
  • Select / highlight the artwork and use CTRL+C/CMD+C to copy the selected image to the clipboard.
  • You can now use this image for some other track/albums as explained above.

The next time when you sync your iPhone with iTunes, you will have the updated artwork on your album cover.