Ryan comes up with these interesting tweaks all the time. This time around, it’s a new tweak called ActiWidget. The tweak does one simple thing: puts Activator action shorcuts on the Notification Center so you have quick access to a lot of stuff.

Basically, this might seem like a redundancy to things like NCSettings but it’s not. While NCSettings gives you access to toggle a lot of settings, the ActiWidget tweak puts ‘shortcuts’ to both the settings toggles and apps on your iPhone.

Think of ActiWidget as an extension of Activator. Incidentally Ryan is the developer behind Activator too.

Actiwidget Cydia Tweak

How does ActiWidget work?

How to Configure Actiwidget Cydia Tweak

Have you used the Tap to Widgets? You must’ve seen the ‘Tap to Tweet’ or ‘Tap to Share’ buttons in the Notification Center. These are called Share Widgets that can be enabled/disabled from Settings → Notification. These are “tap to widgets”.

ActiWidget basically adds a lot of tap-to-widgets for all the actions that are configured in Activator’s Menu.

ActiWidget can be configured in real-time, without any resprings required, from: Settings → Activator → Menu → ActiWidget. You can add all the actions that you want to add to the NC for quicker access. For instance, I’ve got KillBackground (a tweak) as an activator action in ActiWidget so I can clear out background apps even from the NC.

You can add actions for iPod (the Music app), Contacts, messaging, or to open specific apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. Basically, every action in Activator can be added to this list. I’ve not tested the max-limit but so far, all the actions that I added have been working just fine.

The tweak is free and is actually on Ryan’s private repo: http://rpetri.ch/repo You’ll need Activator for this tweak to work but don’t worry if you haven’t got it. The tweak will automatically install it when it installs the dependencies.