If Activator gestures could be used to open predefined websites instead of just apps, how cool would that be? For productivity pedants, this is going to be fun and cool at the same time.

Activate Link is a new Cydia tweak that enables you to open websites (or even particular parts of apps based on the identifier) with just simple gestures. So, for instance, you can double-tap the homescreen to open Google. Or you can swipe from bottom to open another favorite website of yours.

Activate Link has been basically designed to open websites in Safari but it’s actually far more powerful than that.

Activate Link Cydia Tweak

The tweak, developed by rjharris, is a light-weight tweak that attaches itself to Activator (although configuration is separate). Once installed, you just have to add five URLs. If the links start with http://, it is usually opened in Safari. (If you have configured Chrome to be the default browser, Chrome will open with the gesture).

Each link is assigned to an action: Activate Link 1, Activate Link 2 and so on till Link 5. So you can add five different URLs. Incidentally, if you add other headers (like, instead of http://, twitter:// will open the Twitter app). For instance, if you add ‘twitter://mentions’ , this will open Twitter’s Mentions menu right away.

Now, once you’ve assigned the links, you can assign the actions via Activator. Open Activator and choose the gesture. From here, select the Activate Link # that you want to associate the gesture with. Done.

Though simple, the tweak is actually a powerful feature for productivity buffs. It can help you access your favorite websites faster than ever before because opening Safari and then heading over to Bookmarks or typing the first few characters of the website is a chore.

Thankfully, Activate Link is free. It can be found in the BigBoss repo. And yes, you’ll need activator for this tweak to work and if you haven’t got it, the tweak will install the dependencies automatically (which means it will install/update Activator automatically).