How to Fix the Accessory Not Certified Issue on iPhone

How to Fix Accessory Is Not Certified Issue on iPhone and iPad

At times, when you plug your iPhone to a Lightning charger cable, a pop-up will appear on the screen, saying, “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.” Before blaming the poor quality of the accessory or looking down at your MFi certified cable or throwing it away in a fit of anger, you should try out a few tricks to shoot away from the error instantly.

Fix the “Accessory Not Certified” Issue on iPhone and iPad

Why iPhone charger saying Accessory Not Certified?

Cable Is Not Certified/Poor Quality: There are tons of Lightning cables available at a comparatively low price. Despite being not MFi (Made for iDevice and Apple Watch) certified, they work well and sell like hotcakes. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to pay a hefty amount to buy them. And, the bad thing is they are worn out sooner and may also cause issues with the charging and the device.

Damaged Cable: How about those Apple-certified cables? I have encountered this issue even with the MFi certified cables. If your charging cable has been submerged in water or damaged following repeated use or is corroded, it won’t work. In this case, dry the cable ports or replace it altogether.

Something is Preventing the Cable Charger or Port: If there is a pocket lint or crud in the lightning port, it will obstruct charging. Hence make sure to clean up the port frequently. You can use tissue paper for this. In the future, you should ensure the dirt doesn’t come in the way of charging.

Update your iPhone: Updating to the latest iOS may fix the ‘Accessory Not Supported/Certified’ issue.

Turn Off Device and Charge It

  1. Plug the cable to the wall charger. Make sure not to connect it to your iPhone just yet
  2. Power off your iPhone. Then, plug in the charger.
  3. Don’t turn on your device for about 15-20 minutes.
  4. Now, switch on your device. If you get any warning, dismiss it

Your device should charge without any issue.

Connect/Disconnect Charging Cable

  1. Press the home button and sleep/wake buttons at once for about ten seconds to reboot your device
  2. Even before your iPhone could boot up, plug it into the charging cable.
  3. If the warning appears, disconnect the cable
  4. Reconnect the cable. The charging should continue without any problem

There may be times when your phone will begin charging while it’s off even if you use a non-certified cable. This is because the iOS software restrictions that prevent the cable from being recognized are no longer in effect for a switched off iPhone.

If nothing works, let the iPhone be connected to the charging cable and switch it off. Turn it back on after 15-20 minutes and see if the battery percentage has increased or not.

Other Workaround

If you are charging two devices with your laptop, you might see ‘Not Charging’ because the output current is not enough.

Once I had plugged an iPad Pro and an iPhone X to my 2012 Macbook Pro. iPhone kept charging, but the iPad Pro showed ‘Not Charging’ next to the battery icon. The cables were fine. Then I realized that I was doing some heavy tasks on my laptop, and one possible reason might be that the USB port was outputting very little power that resulted in iPad charging issues. I unplugged the iPhone from my Macbook, closed a few apps, and the iPad started charging.

Similarly, if you are charging your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with PC or Laptop’s USB port and getting an error, try to plug your device into another USB port. At times this might help.

I agree cheap cables are often the culprit. Hence, it’s better to pick the certified ones to avoid trouble-free charging.

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