I’ve been a fan of these notification center tweaks like Kamera, TorchNC, InstaSnap etc. which add uber-quick functionality to the iPhone. The developer behind these cool tweaks, @rv1raj, has released one more interesting tweak that fits right on your Notification Center and brings super-quick access to composing new mails and messages.

“Compose” is a new tweak that puts a couple of buttons on your NC. If you’ve used the Tap to Tweet or Tap to Share links or if you’ve used Kamera or TorchNC before, you will be very familiar with the interface of the tweaks.

The tweak by itself is pretty simple and straightforward.

The tweak puts two shortcuts on your Notification Center. You can either type a new mail or a new message. Both the tweaks access the default mail and messaging app so if you use Gmail or other mail apps, you are not going to benefit from the new mail shortcut a lot.

Compose Cydia Tweak

I’ve completely switched to the Gmail app (and awaiting my Mailbox entry) so the New Mail shortcut is not going to be useful but the New Message shortcut is something I’m looking forward to use a lot. It’s really simple now – swipe down and tap and I’m composing a new message.

One click Access to New MessageMail from NC with Compose Cydia Tweak

The Compose tweak is available – like all his other tweaks – for free from ModMyi.

  • In order to set things up, you’ll have to download and install Compose from Cydia.
  • Next up, you have to open Settings -> Notifications -> Compose -> Switch ON the toggle so it shows up on the Notification Center.
  • If you don’t find Compose under Notifications, you might have to Respring the iPhone. (I had to.)

A quick video on how to use Compose Cydia Tweak:

So that’s about it. A really simple but functionally very useful tweak that can reduce the time it takes to open up a new mail/message window. If you like the tweaks we cover, you might want to check out our other Cydia tweak posts.

  • Suraj

    Ahhh at last satisfying tweak in NC loved it,