How to Access iPhone Camera Faster: Two Ways

This has probably happened to all of us. There’s a spectacular moment happening, you want to click a picture of it on your iPhone and by the time you’ve opened the camera app, it’s gone!

How long you take to opening the iPhone camera decides how many spur-of-the-moment photos you get to capture. And trust me, these photos are really awesome, unique and precious. There are a few ways to ensure that the camera app is “quickly” accessible. Let’s go over them.

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How to Access iPhone Camera Faster

iPhone Camera Fast Access Tip

Lockscreen Camera Grabber to the Rescue

This is something you all know but just in case you’re new to iPhones (iOS), you should remember this. There is a camera icon at the bottom-right of the lockscreen. It’s called “camera grabber.”

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  • Press home/power button on your iPhone to power up the screen (if it’s idle/sleeping).
  • Hold on the camera grabber icon and swipe up.

Lockscreen iPhone Camera Grabber to the Rescue

  • Tada! The camera should now be active and you can click pictures/videos.

Camera On the Dock

By default, the camera icon is not on the dock. It’s the first icon on the homescreen (first page). While this is okay for most cases, it’s not great when you have to swipe five pages to the left just to tap on the camera app.

How about having it on the dock? That way, just like the phone and message apps, camera app will be always a part of the homescreen no matter which page you are on.

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  • Tap and hold on the Camera app icon (all icons start to jiggle)
  • Drag the camera app icon to the dock.

iPhone Camera On Dock

Note: If you’ve got four icons in the dock already, you will need to kick one of them out. Tap on it, hold and drag it out of the dock. Then, drag the Camera app into the dock.

Having the camera app icon in the dock gives you a slight advantage over the default arrangement (where it’s on the homescreen.)

These are a couple of ways to access the camera app quicker. But this doesn’t mean that you will still be able to start clicking pictures quicker because the camera app can take a lot of time loading. There are some things you can try to fix an iPhone camera that’s too slow to load.

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