Springboard setting is a hidden feature that was revealed sometime back during those iOS 7 developer beta days. It has since remained away from the prying eyes and hands of users but a couple of Cydia tweaks have been designed specifically to let you access the hidden Springboard setting on your iPhone.

Springboard settings are very useful if you like to get your hands dirty in configuring the interface even more. For instance, you can tweak animation speeds, change Control Center behavior, icon animations, and more. Here’s how you can access these:

How to Access Hidden SpringBoard Settings in iOS 7

Update: Instead of relying on private repos (as described in the following method), you can look for a tweak called HiddenSettings7 on Cydia. It’s available from the BigBoss repo and it’s free. Both this tweak and HiddenSBSettings for iOS7 from the private repo are the same.

1) Installing The Repos
You have to install a couple of repos before you can begin. Here’s what to do:

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on Manage from the menu
  • Tap on Sources
  • Now tap on Edit and then on Add
  • Add this repo first: “http://cydia.myrepospace.com/PWN24K/
  • Once this is added, repeat the process and add this repo: “”

Once both the repos are added, let’s get on with the packages.

2) Install the Packages
We’ll be installing two packages. “Bootstrap” and “HiddenSBSettings for iOS 7” in that order. You can search for them on Cydia and install or follow these instructions:

  • Open Cydia → Manage → Sources
  • Tap on the PWN24K repo
  • Look for a package / tweak called “Bootstrap”
  • Tap on it and then tap on Install to install the tweak.
  • Now, head back to Sources and tap on the Cydia Hacks repo.
  • There’s a tweak called “HiddenSBSettings for iOS 7
  • Install it.

Once you have installed the tweaks, you might have to reboot your iPhone. Usually a repsring is sufficient. (Here’s a tweak that will help you respring quickly).

How to Access the Hidden Springboard Settings?

When the iPhone boots up, access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. In the Control Center panel, you should see a “Springboard Settings” link. Tap it to open the hidden Springboard Settings.
The Springboard settings lets you configure a lot of things.

For instance, you can reduce/increase the animation speed for all the animation effects iOS 7 has. You can also enable little features like pinch to close where a pinch gesture quits the folder view.

You can also delete stock iOS apps, control edge-swipe gestures, create nested folders etc.

We tried this on the iPad but it doesn’t work for the tablet. Both the tweaks are free.

  • Vinny

    all you have to do is install bootstrap first..then install hiddinsettings. and once both are installed after the respring is complete do a hard reset and it will work fine

  • Max Gustafsson

    Reinstall Mobile substrate if the options won’t show up

    • Max Gustafsson

      Until mobile substrate is fixed (Saurik is said to be working night and day on this) no tweaks will work only applications such as emulators and media players and utility packages such as ssh.

      • Tarek Masoud

        Strange, after reinstalling mobilesubstrate “five icon dock” was away. Reinstalled it and after that “SpringBoard Settings” button on the control center is shown :-)

        thx 4 support!!! *****

  • Jville808

    Bootstrap seems to install 2 unwanted icons: TS Respring and TS Reboot. Reboot doesn’t even work. Is there any way to get rid of these icons? Is Boostrap really needed? I’ve uninstalled it and Springboard is still there and accessible.

    • Strange…Bootstrap didn’t install anything for us. Nevertheless,
      there’s an update.The whole thing can be done with just one tweak
      available from BigBoss: HiddenSettings7.

      • DeAntee’ Drum

        I followed everything right on point, I have a iPod 5th Generation, can you explain to me what this actually does? I’mnew to jailbreaking and last time I tried this it said it saved it from crashing or something? Lol. Please help.

  • maniak

    its not working for me, i have iphone 5 7.0.4, jailbreaked today, and i cant see that button : SB Settins :(

    • Try a re-install. We’re seeing mixed responses from users so it might be just a compatibility issue for the moment.

      • Vladimír Sekela

        i have same problem Iphone 4 ios 7.0.3 and reinstall didnt helped