Hundreds of new tweaks show up every month but it’s not always that you get to see a tweak like Abstergo. It’s one heck of a tweak that is aimed to make managing notifications better. It adds power to notifications so that these are not just information pieces you either click or clear.

Abstergo is basically aimed at:

  • Helping you clear your notifications at one go
  • Create reminders/alerts for the notifications so you don’t forget them
  • Manage notifications from anywhere: lockscreen, NC, badgets, alerts

Tucker and Richardson have built Abstergo to enable the user to manage notifications from almost everywhere.

Abstergo Cydia Tweak

1). Clearing Notifications

Apple’s default NC feature lets you clear all notifications at once for a particular app. It’s not that great a feature because sometimes, I just want to clear a few notifications, sometimes, I want to clear all the notifications from all the apps at one go.

Abstergo makes this particular feature possible. And that too, not by adding new obstructive element. You just have to slide down the notifications to reveal a clear all notification slider. Slide and all notifications are gone.

2). Setting Reminders For Notifications

Clearing out notifications can be a little problem. When I clear notifications, I forget about most of them. If notifications are making your lockscreen ugly but you need them just to remind you of a reply or some action, you can use Abstergo to set reminders for the notification. That’s a cool feature because the notification is effectively cleared from the workspace but it’s up there in memory so you’ll you be reminded of it.

You can set reminders for 5 mins, 15 mins, 1 hour, 1 day or a particular time.

You can set reminders by tapping and holding the notifications. And the most interesting thing is you can do it for any notification from anywhere: from the notification badge, from the alert, from the Notification Center or from the lockscreen. Just tap and hold on the notification.

3. Adding A Message-Reply Reminder

A long time ago, Tucker created a way to set reminders for text messages (or iMessage) from the Messages app. (Read about it here). That feature has been gracefully included in Abstergo so you can set reminders from messages.

4. Resets, Getting Notifications Displayed Again

As a good measure, you can always backtrack your steps and do a complete rollback if you want. This means, if you want a notification reminder to be erased/edited, yes you can do that. If you want to reshow a notification on the lockscreen, yes again.

Abstergo is available in the BigBoss repo for $1.99.