Are you a designer? We all know that there is no machine better than a Mac for a designer. Yes, sometimes the swanky designer softwares can be expensive. That is why the sweet guys at iGeeksBlog decided to give you Christmas in July!

That’s right! You can now get the complete productive designer Mac bundle at a teeny tiny price of $39.99. How much would it cost otherwise? A whopping $943!

Productive Designer Mac Bundle iGB Deals

What’s so awesome about it?

You can get amazing creative software like Ember, Pixa, Poser10, Anime Studio Pro 10, Art text 2, TotalFinder and the entire designer hacker bundle in one low price of $39.99.

What all can I do with it?

With the bundle you can effectively

  1. Capture and organise screenshots and share across all your Apple devices.
  2. Manage and share your images immaculately.
  3. Learn 3D in a fun way.
  4. Be an animation pro.
  5. Create professional logos with graphics, without technical experience.
  6. Make your computer more organized (all designers need an organised machine).
  7. Get access to the 6 best tools to improve your design workflow.

By when will all this be shipped to me?

You make the purchase and get the code to download the software digitally. No shipping time needed!

Can I buy a bunch of bundles?

Sorry, one bundle per customer. But you can ask your friends and family to make the purchase too.

What version of OS X will I need?

Every software has different specifications, you can check the description of each software on the iGeeksBlog deals page for this deal for details.

Wait I have a lot of questions!

A big bundle like this is bound to have a lot of specifications, and hence a lot of questions. Your FAQs answered in the deals page for this deal.

Grab the Deal Now.

Is that all?

There are many more such awesome deals on the iGeeksBlog deals. Go nuts!