There are hundreds of Cydia tweaks for iOS 7. We routinely stumble upon some really amazing tweaks built with a lot of functions but sometimes, there are simple little tweaks that are interesting to use.

Here’s a collection of 7 such tweaks. These are mostly very simple tweaks, small in size and features. But they’re definitely interesting and many times, very functional and productive.

7 Interestingly Useful iOS 7 Tweaks for the iPhoneDive right in for more:


Repo: Modmyi | Price: Free

This one is for people who take screenshots on their iPhones. And no, it’s not just us who takes screenshots routinely to show the screens to our users. If you’ve got some image that you want to share quickly, a screenshot will be faster (as against trying to save the image to the camera roll). But screenshots get saved to the camera roll. How about sharing?

ScreenshotShare makes sure that when you snap a screenshot, you are shown a share-sheet. You can pick from custom apps on your iPhone, save the image to the camera roll or assign it to a contact.


Repo: ModMyi | Price: Free

SafeHouse is a simple, productivity tweak. It disables passcode on your iPhone when it is connected to a known Wi-fi network. The idea is simple: a known Wi-Fi network is mostly your home and when you are home, you are safe. So is your iPhone. So why have a passcode lock?


Repo: BigBoss | Price: $0.99

I don’t think someone would hate the iOS 7 lockscreen but if you get nostalgic and want to see the iOS 6 lockscreen – every bit of it – restored on your iOS 7 device, this tweak is it. ClassicLockscreen brings back all the classic iOS 6 features to the lockscreen: the slider, the translucent backgrounds, the passcode lock screen.


Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

If you use Dynamic wallpapers, I’d recommend that you switch back to a normal wallpaper. They’re not worth the battery drain that they usually cause. But if you still want to keep them, here’s an easter egg: there are other colors/tints of the dynamic wallpaper hidden in your iPhone. This tweak will unlock them. Just various color options of the default dynamic wallpaper.


Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

ControlUndim is a neat UI tweak. When you use the Brightness toggle in the Control Center, this tweak will diminish the Control Center so that you can get a clearer idea of the brightness setting on the homescreen/underlying screen.


Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

Apple continues to limit the number of photos you can send through one email. Five. And jailbreak devs continue to find ways to break this limitation. MailUnlimitedPhotos is a tweak that removes this limitation and lets you attach any number of photos to your email on iPhone.


Repo: BigBoss | Price: Free

ScramblePass is an interesting, basic security tweak. As the name suggests, the tweak simply scrambles the number orders on the passcode every time you try to unlock your iPhone. It’s more of a fancy tweak to show off the scrambling of the keys.