The Ruby on Rails Rookie to Rockstar Bundle is amazing, and not just for name sake. The bundle gets you 6 brilliant courses covering over 45 hours of in-depth instructions. If you are an entrepreneur and have faced hell trying to get a developer to develop your ideas, then this bundle is just what you are looking for.

Ordinarily, this elite course bundle would cost you $631, but thanks to the Udemy and iGeeksBlog guys, you can get it for a teensy amount of $49. If you haven’t calculated it already, that’s 92% saving.

Get 6 Elite Courses & Over 45 Hours Of In-Depth Ruby On Rails Instruction

What’s so awesome about it?

The 6 elite courses will ensure that you can

  • Learn to code an app from scratch.
  • Learn the Ruby Syntax to become a master of Ruby on Rails
  • Create websites and websolutions
  • Learn all about encapsulation and data hiding
  • Deploy an app on Heroku
  • Study good Git Workflow
  • Learn all about FlatUI

Has anyone else tried it?

Check out what people are talking about it:

“Simply the best out there. Everything goes exactly with what I had in mind for my online store. Brilliant !!!” – Wilhelm Pierre

“Great course for beginners. The concepts are explained through simple examples making the topics easy and fun. Its not like your a boring course where you sit and listen to things and don’t understand a thing” – Venugopal Rao

“This an excellent course for anyone who is starting on web development. It starts with a practical introduction to Ruby on Rails, and along the way introduces to more helpful topics like Git Versioning, Facebook Integration, and Heroku Deployment.”  –Bruno Costa

Fine, these guys like it. But what if it’s not for me?

The deal comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. That is just how confident we are about it. if you still don’t like it, you have 30 days to get your money back!

How do I access it?

You can access it any time on your computer, iPad and iPhone. You just need a good browser and bandwidth.

Can I share the course?

The course comes with a single user license. So, you can’t share it; but you can vouch for it and have others get it.

Grab Deal to Get 6 Elite Courses & Over 45 Hours Of In-Depth Ruby On Rails Instruction

Is that all?

From this deal, this is all. But if you are looking for some products at amazing discounts, keep checking out iGeeksBlog deals.