How about a killer-looking drone that comes with some of the best maneoverability? And add to it, a really cool HD camera that can record high-quality videos from the sky? If you are the adventurous type, here’s something for you.

The Limited Edition Black Aerial Drone with HD Camera is an uber-cool drone that lets you dominate the skies. It features a sleek design (and comes in black!) and is one of the coolest gadgets you can have this season. Usually retails for $199, but just on iGeeksBlog deals, you can pre-order this for $89! Hurry up though: sale ends in less than 6 days!

Black Hawk Drone

Features of the Black Quadcopter Drone

  • Flight capability about 10 minutes – Great for starters!
  • Palm-sized: small, compact but powerful enough!
  • USB charging cable – You can charge the drone through the computer as well.
  • 6-axis flight control – The matte black drone has 6 axes to control the flight which enables you to fly it exactly the way you wish.
  • 4-ways flip – The 4-ways flip (left, right, forward, backward) for good maneoverability.
  • HD Camera – Lets you click some exciting and good-looking pictures. It’s a 2.0 MP 720p-capable camera that records to a microSDHC (card not included).

You will need 4 AAA batteries for this drone’s remote control and more importantly the desire to fly a drone in the sky. (Note that batteries and SDHC are not included)

The drone takes about 30-40 minutes to charge up completely. Depending on the usage, you can get about 10 minutes of total flight time.

The drone’s price-tag will go up to $99 by December. So if you’re looking for a cool drone to show off or to record cool things on ground up from the sky, this is something you should get right now.

The Black Drone usually costs $199. You can pick it up for $89 (at 55% off) on iGB deals today. Hurry up; offer ends soon.

Pre-order the Black Quadcopter.