50% Off on Bluetooth Fitness Monitor: Buy it for $39.99

The Bluetooth fitness monitor ordinarily costs $80. Now you get it at 50% off on iGeeksBlog Deals! You get this amazing contraption at a measly $39.99. This sale is in place for just 12 more days so it would be best to avoid spending much time on taking this decision!

Why is it so awesome?

The Bluetooth Fitness Monitor is a technology that uses a combination of a heart rate strap and an app. The HR strap monitors that heart beat and is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The iMaze Fitness App furthers the purpose, making it the ultimate heart rate monitor.

Bluetooth Fitness Monitor At Discount Price 39.99 Dollars

What all can it do?

This technology gives you the ability to monitor and record your work out performance in real time. What makes it even more awesome is that you can do this whilst listening to your favourite music and answering calls if any! Nifty, isn’t it?

You get the benefit of having a personal health trainer with this technology. It furnishes you with the details to know the best and optimal work out and speeds for you. Hence, you can now reach your goals faster and in a much safer manner.

Features we love

  • You get certified bluetooth 4.0
  • The free iMaze Fitness App is compatible with Android and iOS
  • The comfortable strap is water (sweat) resistant
  • The snapfit enclosure is easy and comfortable to use

What all do I get in the box?

  • 1 black Bluetooth heart rate sensor
  • 1 fabric chest strap
  • Universal armband for smart phones


Another amazing aspect of this deal is that you get this product shipped to you for free. However, that is only if you live in the continental US. It will take 2-3 weeks to get to you though, so best be patient!

What if I don’t like what I get?

All sales are final! But we are sure you will not only like, but love this product! Don’t believe us? Check out the review videos for it at iGeeksBlog deals page.

Buy Bluetooth Fitness Monitor

Is that all?

If this deal is not enough for you, stay tuned to the iGeeksBlog deals page for new and amazing deals everyday!