If you've ever wanted to use a tripod for your iPhone when you clicked photos, here's an offer you probably shouldn’t miss. For just $29, you can grab a cool photography kit consisting of an iPhone (6+/6/5s/5 etc) tripod and a remote-control-shutter. You’ll have to hurry up though: offer lasts only a few more days.

The Ultimate iOS/Android Smartphone Photography Kit is a very handy kit that you must take with you if you plan to click a lot of pictures on your iPhone. With a tripod on, you can click pictures that are sharper and you also get to be in most of the photographs you take!

Tripod and Bluetooth Camera Shutter Kit for iPhone and Android Phone

When you are out with your family/friends, you are most likely to be clicking pictures on your iPhone. How many times have you wished you could be in the photo too? Or how many times has ‘camera shake’ been a problem? One easy answer to this problem is an iPhone tripod.

That’s what the Ultimate iOS/Android Smartphone Photography Kit comes with. In the kit, you find this tiny, handy, portable and highly-flexible stand which can be attached to anything. You can wind it around stable objects or you can just place it on a flat surface. It can fit all your iPhones including the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus.

The kit also features a cool remote control for the shutter called Shuttie. Shuttie is a Bluetooth 3.0-based camera shutter. It works in a range of about 10 mts / 30 ft so you don't have to rely on the built-in timer in the camera app! Just pair up Shuttie and your iPhone and you’re good to go!

What’s really good about this kit is that it’s very handy and portable. Shuttie is practically pocket-material while the stand can be coiled around into a tiny thing.

What you get, ultimately, is shake-free photos of you and your family/friends together! No more relying on passers-by to take those gorgeous group photos.

The Ultimate Smartphone Photography Kit usually sells for $59. But for a limited time on iGeeksBlog deals, you can grab it for just $29. That's a 50% off.


  • Compatibility: all iPhones and most Android phones.
  • Shuttie works on Bluetooth 3.0

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